2 Simple Inquiries into Self-Sabotage

We all have unlimited potential right? Well, that’s what every self-help and personal-development book tells us, and I believe it all, I do.

But often our results don’t reflect that. Why? Because our unconscious beliefs cripple our results. These ‘unconscious beliefs’ are our programmed beliefs, the ones our parents, school-teachers, and other significant people from our youth gave to us.

This is big for me. We’re taught that we need to work HARD, and that we need to SUFFER to ‘earn’ success and happiness. As if the amount of suffering we endure will amount to the quantity of our bliss. Our nature is to only invest energy into that which we believe will produce the outcome we seek. I mean, that makes logical sense right?

Decide what you want, and then go after it. Work long hours, undercut & undermine people, be nasty and play office-politics, because ‘that’s the only way you’re going to make it to the top’.

Not only have we been taught a skewed lesson on how to achieve greatness, but on the flip-side of it all, when we believe something is not going to work out – even an unconscious belief that we may consciously not even be aware of – we sabotage our potential by taking half-hearted action.

Also called Cognitive Distortions, most of the obstacles we encounter are created through thinking patterns that we have developed throughout our lives. Over time, these patterns become habits that lead to unconscious self sabotage. In order to counteract this, we need to be aware of our thinking patterns and how they affect our lives.

And this my dear friends, is what I have caught myself doing lately…drum roll please….

Little action equals lousy results.

Lousy results equal uncertainty and disheartened beliefs.  

It is a vicious cycle that only ends when you decide to change what you’re putting into it.

EARLIER ON THIS MONTH, I realised for the first time how far I had actually come. In spite of all the self-doubt, worry and self-sabotage …. it’s all come good. In fact, I’m exactly where I always wanted to be.

But wait, what now? Things are going ‘too well’. That little voice in my head says ‘something’s gotta give Ari, this is all going wayyyy too good.  I can still hear the constant dissatisfaction and frustration, the self doubt, self sabotage, resistance, judgement and fear felt when hearing this voice trying to coax me out of my happiness and satisfaction.

What I have come to realize is that Many of us sabotage because we fear change. We fear it may create too much havoc and instability in our lives. We fear that it may mean the end of our marriages, chosen careers or popularity. Sound familiar?

This type of self-sabotage, can seep its way into your goals, your relationships, projects, and almost all other areas of your life. To make this clear, what we’re actually doing is, failing on purpose. Crazy hey?!

So after having this little nugget of realization earlier this month, I started to recount all the things that have been ‘going wrong’ lately, and I’ve been able to pin-point the areas of sabotage, and finally take control and responsibility of my actions, or more appropriately, my in-actions.

Of course, things that have happened, have already happened right, but it’s my responsibility as an adult, to get my arse into gear, and step-up!

So this is what I’ve been working on which I thought to share in case you’re experiencing the same frustrations as I am:

  • Re-sort my goals – Are my goals my own or are they imposed by someone else? We often sabotage the outcome of our goals when our heart is not in it. In my case, what I realized is that I have been setting my goals too high. Being way too ambitious, so that I actually set myself up for failure. So, I set a really high goal, and then when I miss the mark, I get down on myself, which only confirms all the fear and self-doubt that I have, which then forms a perpetual cycle. And On and On we go.  I pop the lids off my essential oils, take a whif, and dig deep. The oils I used for this step are one’s for courage; Clove, Ginger, doTERRA’s Cheer Blend and doTERRA’s Motivate Blend (which I used so much that I had to purchase new bottles);  These oils are encouraging and uplifting, and they foster confidence to follow through with one’s own inspirations and intentions. They act as a support in rediscovering and maintaining one’s desire to serve your highest purpose and helps you to spring into action. To find out more on how you can purchase your Essential Oils, click here.
  • Investigate what emotions have I been avoiding? What situations have I been avoiding for fear of success or failure? By avoiding situations, we can prevent ourselves from hurtful emotions but we also prevent ourselves from happiness, moving forward, love, success, achievement and the joy of living.  This can show up in our lives in so many ways. Ask yourself honestly, can you relate to any of these three statements? And If so, how?
    1. Not getting involved in a relationship to avoid possible heartbreak.
    2. Not taking risks to avoid failure.
    3. Not asking because you’re fearful of rejection.

Whether we try to suppress our emotions via avoidance, covering up or ignoring them, it becomes clear as time progresses that our emotions are never truly suppressed. Our body is designed for expressions and thus finds alternative pathways for the emotion to surface i.e.: illness, depression, moodiness, self sabotage, stagnancy, failure, bad luck etc.

The thing is, you can do “all the right things”, and yet… if you’re constantly having thoughts and words that disempower you and others, it will sabotage your results.  What is your ‘love and bliss’ ceiling? What amount of love, bliss and ‘everything is going so well’ can you handle before ‘it’s too good to be true’? Perhaps you get to the 2 year mark and then self-sabotage because 2 years is your limit. Or perhaps it’s something else.

Passive-aggressive people sabotage the work assignment that they don’t want to do. For example, a woman I know was given a task at work that she absolutely deplored. But she was afraid of saying no to her boss, so instead she made many mistakes while completing the task to ensure that she’d never be asked to do it again.

Here is some food for thought to start the inquiry into your actions. If there is even a tinge of something herein that triggers you, delve deeper, until you know what it is that you could be doing to sabotage yourself:


Unworthiness means that you don’t feel worthy of receiving the same goodness to which you believe everyone else is entitled. As a person who believes you’re unworthy, you’ll sabotage all good things as they come to you. You won’t have your sights set high enough. You’ll expect the worst, so that’s what you’ll attract and create.


If you people-please, everyone will know it. People-pleasers never get away with their act. Others know that you’re faking your feelings, laughter, and smiles, and they’ll doubt your sincerity and your integrity. They won’t trust you, and they’ll wonder what else you might be dishonest about. So people-pleasing can sabotage your credibility in business, and your trustworthiness in relationships.

There are so many other ways which you can sabotage yourself. Please share your experiences in the comments below so that others can learn from you too.



The Misleading Ingredients in your Camping Supplies

Andre and I, along with a couple of mates, went camping not so long ago to a little place called Tumut in New South Wales in Australia.

We only went for two nights, as it’s all that we had time for, but oh my word, did we have fun.  We managed to secure the perfect spot along the river, where we could see the river from our open tents.  The sound of the water coming off the Snowy Mountains gushing at about 15km per hour was the perfect sound to go to sleep at night and wake up to.

There’s something about being in nature that really lights me up. This is most certainly a practise that I want us to keep up through the year. Mind you, the winter-cold in a tent isn’t something that excites me, so we may just have to save it for the warmer months.

Never-the-less, whilst preparing for our little trip to the Great OutDoors, I was compelled to create and make-up all bug repellant ointments, cooling-sprays, flea sprays (for Marvin of course), and also sunburn sprays from  the Essential Oil Collection that we have. It was an idea that originally came from Andre, as he had mentioned that he wants a fly-spray for when he is on the golf-course so that he isn’t distracted by those nasties landing on and around his face whilst trying to enjoy a relaxing game of golf each weekend.

I have posted the Bug Repellant Spray Recipe on my Oily Recipes Page, but also wanted to share with you some really interesting information and articles I found about the damaging effects of certain store bought repellants.

  1. Some Common Side Effects for store bought insect repellants include skin reactions, allergic reactions, and eye irritations.  A 2009 study found that DEET (which is a chemical found in most insect repellants) can interfere with the activity of enzymes that are vital for the nervous system to function properly. doTERRA have published an article on their website about the Common “scents” defensea term they have coined for Drawing upon Mother Nature’s blueprint to use Essential Oils to ‘Bug Off’ when needed.
  2. Many topical medicated creams for insect-bites, itching and irritations have side effects, causing redness, irritation and or swelling. An article published back in 2008 (yes, that’s how old and obvious this information is) talks about various instances where women have DIED because of their use of various ointments and lotions purchased over the counter.  Here, Leslie Goldman investigates 14 ingredients commonly found in products you may be using right now — and she tells you how to stay safe. My advice after reading this is simple. Don’t use products with ingredients you don’t know how to pronounce.   Stay within the realms of natural medicine, and pop food grade essential oils and other products on your skin to allow Mother Nature to take care of your woes.
  3. The natural oils in plants protect the plant from insects, shield the plant from a harsh environment and help them adapt to their surroundings. By USING essential, you are harnessing the protective and health-promoting powers of a plant. Essential oils are truly the most potent form of plant-based medicine. Their power to heal and cure disease, and in this case, to act as an insect repellant, is so effective that by using essential oils many people are able to avoid the need to use a plethora of drugs or have various types of surgeries.

With all that in mind which 8 oils did I take with me? and why?

my camping repertoire Blog Omage

  1. Tea tree – What a potent powerhouse tea-tree (melaleuca) is.  Tea tree soothes itchy insect bites, sores, and sunburns, acts as a powerful antiseptic and anti-microbial, and acts as an effective insect repellent. For scratches, bumps and cuts… bring out the tea-tree!  You can also use tea-tree as a hand sanitiser either neat, or mixed with water in a spray bottle.  

  2. Lemon is best known for its ability to support the body’s natural detoxification and is widely used to stimulate lymph drainage, to rejuvenate energy, purify skin and also act as an insect repellant.

  3. Clove Oil is a powerhouse of an oil and has so many practical uses. Mixed with some LemonGrass Essential Oil, acts as a very effective insect repellant. We diluted this mixture with Fractionated coconut oil because Clove is quite a spicy oil and a neat application (the oil direct on the skin with no carrier oil) should be avoided.
  4. Lavender Oil is a great all-rounder with a wide range of applications so it’s the perfect addition to the travel kit.   Lavender heals burns (including sunburn), wounds and skin irritations, including eczema and psoriasis.
  5. Peppermint Essential Oil is so versatile that I don’t go anywhere without it!
    Plus, it’s one of the most affordable oils and has a clean and refreshing smell that we all love!  It acts as a 
    Sunburn Relief – If you’ve been out in the sun a bit too long, 1 drop of Peppermint and 1 drop of Lavender combined with some Fractionated Coconut Oil can be rubbed on the area of concern to cool the skin and alleviate the burning. I use it a lot to Relieve Bloating, Indigestion Gas (whoops), or Nausea. Rubbing 1-2 drops on the area of concern, or if you’re comfortable, drop 1 drop of Peppermint directly on your tongue (only Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils please) and drink a glass of water. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY! To Freshen Your Breath. Because nobody likes morning breath! Place 1 drop of Peppermint on your tongue for super fresh breath!

  6. Frankincense – Because I don’t go anywhere without Frankie. I imagine that you know that Frankincense has been around for thousands of years, but did you know that it can be helpful for hundreds of different things?!  Seriously, it is used for everything from immune support, inflammation, skin issues, supporting the thyroid, and so much more. Luckily I brought it with me because Andre’ started to feel a bit flu-y on the first night we were there, and although I didn’t have a roller bottle on me, I sprayed his feet with Frankincense and OnGuard.
  7. OnGuard Essential Oil Blend.  Have you smelt the On Guard Essential oil or any of the On Guard range yet? If you haven’t, just get onto it. It is so warming, reminding me of Christmas. The beautiful aromas of orange, cloves and cinnamon mixed tighter just fills our house with joy.  On Guard Protective Blend of wild orange, clove bud, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary CPTG essential oils. This powerful essential oil blend is combined with plant-based derivatives that provide a non-toxic and biodegradable way to clean and eliminate odours….perfect to expertly clean hard surfaces leaving behind a clean and invigorating scent.
  8. LemonGrass Essential Oil is a very economical oil that is useful for aromatherapy, to help with various health issues, and can be used in your cooking.  Also a great insect repellant!

    If you’re interested in learning more about Essential Oils, then join my mailing list, or click here for info on how you can get these babies into your life.

    I’m interested to know what you use and take with you when you go camping? Please comment below and share this post.


11 Steps to Better Health

Statistics are thrown around a lot when it comes to risk of contracting diseases – for example, you have probably heard that 1 in 8 women will get invasive breast cancer, or 1 in 3 women will die from heart disease or stroke. But, how do you know that the drugs prescribed to prevent and treat these diseases will work for you? More importantly, how do you know that these drugs won’t cause you serious harm?

The reality is, no drug is 100 percent effective for everyone. In fact, many of the most commonly prescribed drugs work only for a minority of patients. And, many more drugs can cause harm to a significant number of people.

So, How do we take care of ourselves in the hope that we live long and happy lives?

Try these Simple Steps, and please let me know if you have any Additions for us to try

  1.  Drink More Water – Everyone’s ideal water consumption varies right? So how do we know how much water is enough and perfect for us and our bodies?  According to LifeHack.com, there are 14 signs to notice when you’re not drinking enough water. Check out the link here to jump straight onto their website if you’re curious to know what dehydration looks and feels like.

    …and here’s some food for thought – Sometimes sweet cravings are a sign of dehydration. Before you go for the sugar, have a glass of water and wait a few minutes to see what happens.

  2. Practise Cooking – Yep, you heard right.  Besides the fact that cooking can be experienced as a sure-fire way to reduce your stress for some; You’re g’teed to know what’s going in your food when cooking for yourself.  Too many store bought, and fast-foods contain preservatives and ingredients that you’ve probably never even heard of before.  If you’re not convinced that cooking will ever be your thing, check out these fun-filled recipes (from the WholeDaily) and video’s to get you inspired enough to pop the chef’s hate on.
  3. Increase Sweet Veggies  Sweet Veggies are naturally sweet, healthy, and delicious. The more you eat, the less you’ll crave sugar.  Here’s a little article written by the veghealthguide.com about Fruits & Veggies and how you can eat the best variation of different sorts.
  4. Increase Leafy Greens –  Green vegetables are the most commonly missing food in modern diets. Learning to incorporate dark leafy greens into the diet is essential to establishing a healthy body and immune system. Greens help build your internal rainforest and strengthen the blood and respiratory system. When you nourish yourself with greens, you may naturally crowd out the foods that make you sick. Leafy green vegetables are also high – alkaline foods. Alkaline minerals in our bodies neutralize acidic conditions caused by the environment. Green vegetables help to replenish our alkaline mineral stores and filter out pollutants.  If you want to grab my FREE Glorious Greens info sheet, then click here.
  5. Experiment with Protein –  In the nutrition world, how much and what types of protein one should consume is highly debated. Some say that high-quality animal meat is needed for optimal health, while others advocate for a plant-based diet. Experiment with what works for your body at this time in your life. This way you’ll be able to successfully guide yourself to your appropriate protein source.
  6. Eat Fewer Processed Foods – Oh My Goodness, an article written on the Guardian by Joanna Blythman in 2015 sums it up pretty well.  She talks about what’s really in our food, and how careful we need to be when purchasing pre-packaged goods. This also poses the age-long question about where we get our food from? How is it sourced?

My growing preoccupation was how little we know about the food that sits on our supermarket shelvs, in boxes, cartons”

7.  Nurture Your Body – SelfCare Baby 101!  One of the things I have said since I can remember is ‘My Body is a Temple!”.  With that in mind, let’s be kind to ourselves, and remember that what we put in is what we get out. I have recently learnt what it’s like to live life in BALANCE.

Not that long ago, I was an ‘all or nothing kinda chic’, and whilst that’s still true to a certain degree, I am a little more gentle with myself when it comes to what I eat, how I think, and what I do with my spare time. Meditation is a BIG PART of my daily routine!  I use Essential Oils to nourish and care for my emotional wellbeing AND my physical body and I always make time to enjoy my own company, whether it be for 3, or 30 minutes per day! It’s crucial to my sanity, and to my marriage ! On that note…..

8.  Have healthy Relationships – Communication is the cornerstone of every strong relationship. You will not always agree with your partner, your brother, mother, sister or friend, but if you have a foundation of respect and clear communication it will be much easier to resolve any conflicts that arise.

9.  Enjoy Regular Physical Activity – A balanced diet is essential for a happy and healthy life, but without regular exercise no amount of kale or kidney beans will make up for a lack of locomotion. Just like certain foods protect us from heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, regular physical activity has its own list of health enhancement. Without exercise, it’s hard to reach your full physical and mental potential and achieve overall well-being.

10.  Find Work you Love Many people spend days, weeks, months, years, and even decades in careers that are diametrically opposed to who they are as spiritual beings. It’s incredibly important to find alignment in your career, spirituality, health, and relationships, so you can live your purpose and be happy.  It’s all about finding work you love, or learning to love the work you do. You don’t have to leave your 9-5 job in order to explore other career paths – there are always ways to find gratification.

11.  Develop a Spiritual Practise – Now I’m not talking religion here guys. I am talking Spiritual!  Now if you’re not too sure what the difference is, I am going to hand over to my dear Friends, Oprah and Brene’, as they explain what Spirituality is.  The belief that we’re all connected! That we’re all routed in LOVE and Belonging!

I would absolutely love your thoughts and comments below. I work with clients daily to help them iron out any kinks in their lives. If this sounds like somethign you’re interested in knowing mire about. Click here and fill in the contact-form and i’ll be in touch soon.

join-my-list The The information provided above is not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, treat, cure or prevent any disease or ailment. I am not a health professional. Essential oils are essentially classed as a food/cosmetic and not a drug. Essential oils can help support a healthy immune system and calm us and lift us up.


Rashes be GONE – The Miracle of Lavender Essential Oil

From Rashes to Sunburn, Anxiety to Body Aches, Insomnia to Cuts and Burns, you can totally see how the versatile properties of Lavender essential oil make it my personal favorite, and a must-have oil to keep on hand at all times.

It is not surprising that Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular oils used in aromatherapy. Its popularity is attributed not only to the fresh, pleasant floral scent, but more to the numerous properties for which lavender has been assigned and used since ancient times.

Anciently, the Romans and Egyptians would use Lavender as perfume and for bathing and cooking & Since that time, many have discovered the myriad benefits that Lavender holds.   You’ll know the scent of lavender quite well as Lavender oil is commonly used in a variety of perfumes, soaps, cosmetics and for aromatherapy.  

Of course, in order for Lavender Oil to have the Therapeutic Properties I’m mentioning below, you want to ensure that your brand of Essential Oil is Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG). I stand behind and use doTERRA Essential Oils in my home, on my body and in my Wellness Holistic Practise. TO learn a little bit more and watch some really cool videos about this brand, click here.

CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® — An Innovative Standard

dōTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils represent the safest and most beneficial oils available in the world today. For an oil to be CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade the oil must be:

  • Pure and natural, with aromatic compounds carefully extracted from plants
  • Free from fillers or artificial ingredients; no dilution of active qualities
  • Free of contaminants, pesticides, or chemical residues
  • Rigorously tested for standards of chemical composition
  • Cross tested using mass spectrometry and gas chromatography to ensure exact purity and composition potency
  • Sourced by a global network of leading essential oil chemists and growers to ensure correct species, growth in ideal environments, and that raw plant materials were carefully harvested at the right time

Take a look at some simple topical, aromatic, and internal uses for Lavender essential oil, along with some of the top Lavender oil benefits:

  1.  Do you struggle with obnoxious razor bumps after shaving? Well, shaving might be essential, but irritating razor bumps are not. Pop some lavender in a carrier oil and wallah, soothed skin…You can also cleanse and nourish your skin by making your own Lavender essential oil clay mask at home. Great for all skin types!  I use it every morning on my face and body.  Whether you are trying to soothe skin irritation or merely nourish delicate skin, there are many uses of Lavender essential oil for skin.  The soothing properties of Lavender have made it a popular option for skincare products, at-home skincare DIYs, and simple topical application.
  2. I also find it’s amazing for anxiety, emotional confusion, stress, insomnia, irritability, anger, mood swings and depression.  As someone who has suffered from migraines most of my life, the simple inhalation and or anointing of lavender to the temples and forehead is super-soothing and is also an effective and safe treatment in the acute management of migraine headaches.  
  3. I would recommend a few drops of lavender oil in a hot foot bath to relieve fatigue.
  4. Lavender is a very effective expectorant, especially useful for chest and throat infections.
  5. Topically it is excellent for muscular aches and pains and outwardly applied for the relief of toothache & sprains.

When deep sadness covers the spirit like a suffocating blanket, lavender gently lifts the weight. When inner tears fall, lavender wipes them away. When depression clouds the psyche, lavender blows it asunder. And for those with worries that trouble the spirit, lavender lifts the veil of despair. Embracing lavender is direct, pure of thought, brave and humble. It makes men gentle and women strong. Even in times of hardship a lavender personality bravely continues overcoming obstacles that ae placed in their way, having the ability to give generously of themselves – caring for others, often with gentleness and sacrifice.– Worwood

6.  True lavender is very useful for its healing properties and the treatment of burns and wounds. Lavender appears to have cellular regenerating action and has topical analgesic action. Lavender’s antiseptic and antibacterial properties were well known by the French Academy of Medicine, where it was used in the swabbing of wounds, treatment of sores, varicose ulcers, burns and scalds.

8.  Making a homemade cuticle cream with Lavender essential oil is a great way to bring the moisture and healthy look back into your nails. You can also use this cream on your hands, lips, or anywhere you have dry spots. Check out this DIY recipe for homemade cuticle cream, featuring the wonderful soothing abilities of Lavender essential oil.

9.  Ladies, this one’s for you! and I promise you, this friggen works for menstrual pain like you would never believe – A study found that lavender oil used in a massage oil significantly reduced pain associated with menstruation to a greater degree than the placebo. There was a 38% reduction in pain with lavender oil massage compared to only 9.8% reduction in pain with the placebo group.

10.  One aromatic benefit that Lavender oil is widely known for is its ability to promote a relaxing atmosphere that leads to a restful night’s sleep. The calming properties of the oil help create a serene environment that is optimal for resting well and staying asleep. Sounds amazing right!? Add a few drops of Lavender to your pillows or bedding so that you inhale the aroma as you are drifting off to sleep. OR, like I do every night, you can also apply Lavender oil to the bottoms of your feet as a part of a relaxing bedtime ritual. Last night, I was so tired, that I didn’t bother smearing some on my tootsies, and I woke up twice during the night.  Coincidence?  Maybe not.

11.  Lavender essential oil can also help ease feelings of tension and I have found it most helpful when feeling nervous.  While the use of Lavender is often used to promote restful sleep, it can also promote relaxation and feelings of ease during your waking hours.  So diffusing Lavender oil, will make you feel at ease and peaceful emotionally.

12.  Sunburn?  Lavender Oil has got ya covered.  Sun exposure is good, but too much of it can cause irritated skin. Thankfully, Lavender oil holds many soothing properties that are perfect for calming occasional skin irritations. If you’ve spent a little too much time in the sun and find your skin irritated, reach for a bottle of Lavender essential oil.  The next time you are dealing with discomfort from too much sun, try this after-sun soothing spray with Lavender essential oil. 

13.  Whether you have kids, pets, or just a lot going on in your home, unwanted odors can sneak into nearly any room. Thankfully, the fresh, powdery, floral aroma of Lavender essential oil can get rid of musky, pungent smells that might be haunting your home. Combine Lavender oil with water in a spray bottle to create an instant solution for the unwanted smells that might be plaguing your home or belongings. Spray a light mist from your Lavender spray bottle into your car, linen closet, on your mattress, or any other areas that could use some freshening up.  

PS. Lavender, rosemary, neroli and petitgrain blend perfectly to create a refreshing au-de cologne perfume.

Lavender works so well with strong florals & as we know, has strong feminine quality so it really enhances and balances the sensual feminine energy of these other rich floral oils like ylang ylang or jasmine.

If you want more information about Lavender and other essential oils, read amazing books like: Fischer-Rizzi S’s Complete Aromatherapy HandbookHolmes P, Aromatica – A Clinical Guide to Essential Oil Therapeutics & who could go past Worwood V’s The Fragrant Mind & The Fragrant Heavens which helped me write this post.


The fragrance of lavender is like fresh, tangy mountain air that’s happy and free. Its fragrance imparts a feeling of inner freedom that allows one to let go of compulsions and anger. Lavender helps one undo negative self-talk; thinking becomes clearer, and balanced decisions may be made. The essential oil helps reduce mental ramblings that keep people from falling asleep.” – Fischer-Rizzi

If you know someone who would benefit from this information, please share this post.  And if you want to know more about how essential oils can CHANGE YOUR LIFE, and empower you to live the life you LOVE, then please pop your details below. OR email me direct on arianna@ariannapienaar.com and I’ll send you my Personal Cheat Sheet (with 38 Uses for Essential Oils).  


The information provided above is not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, treat, cure or prevent any disease or ailment. I am not a health professional. Essential oils are essentially classed as a food/cosmetic and not a drug. Essential oils can help support a healthy immune system and calm us and lift us up.



Throughout history, colours, crystals and gems have been used for therapeutic purposes.


As with plants and food, colours and gems or crystals each have their own energy vibration unique to its type, and this can be used to balance energy. Crystals and colours can be used in various ways, and have ben used as a holistic therapy since ancient times.  In my vlog series, I have been talking about various colours relating to the Chakras, as well as smells and Crystals and Gems which relate to certain energy centers, feelings, emotions, and many other elements that make us up energetically.  I mentioned that I would talk about energy frequencies, and light wavelengths, and so as promised – here ’tis:

Evidence of the use of colour as a form of holistic therapy has been found in ancient texts from India, China and Egypt.   The principles of the practise are that colour is formed from light of varying wavelengths, and as such, it is a form of energy that affects living cells.  Colour therapy does not, however, directly treat a physical condition, but instead, treats the energy block or imbalance that manifests as a physical disease.

I am no scientist. I do not profess to be one.  But I want to give you the most accurate information about colour wavelengths, and plant the seed of what wavelength goes with wh colour.  Click here to read what a NASA Official, Dr Lin Chambers has to say about colour.

Can you see a resemblance of the colours in sequence as we have been discussing them relative to the chakras?  I would love to hear your observations, so please comment below and share with us your thoughts.

Colour therapy may be used in combination with other healing modalities and is about analysing, sensing or feeling your personal colour preferences, as these are thought to reveal imbalances in certain areas.  By being aware, you can make space for ways that you can incorporate these colours in your life to restore balance.  Colours may be used in combination with other healing modalities and as a therapist I use colours to awaken the grace within & re-balance my energetic body to be at ease.

I can also analyse your personal colour preferences (as these are thought to reveal imbalance in certain areas) & recommend ways that you can incorporate these colours in your life to restore balance.  If you are keen to know more, just pop onto my contact page and leave your deets so that we can have a chat.

Knowing what we know about colours now, let’s see if we can tie this knowledge in with Crystals and Gems.  After hearing me bang on about how we can use Crystals to re-balance our energetic bodies, and how crystals may be placed on or around the body or along the chakras, are you at least a bit curious as to how this works? Well, let me start off by saying that everything has a vibrational frequency. I mean everything! Our bodies, our emotions, crystals, absolutely everything in the Universe.  To me, crystals contain an elemental intelligence which is really pure creative energy.

Used correctly, crystals and colours can heal any condition of body, mind or spirit. They can be safely combined with both orthodox medicine and complementary therapies such as Reiki.  There are many ways that you can work with crystals. The most beneficial when you are working with crystals for healing purposes is to have them within your energy field (aura). You can carry them in your pocket or, ladies, you can even put them in your bra. They can be worn as bling or you can place them in your environment to promote a desired energy in that particular room.

It’s important that Crystals are cleansed regularly.  The easiest and most simple way to do this is by moonlight.  I leave my crystals out on a window ledge on nights of the full moon so that the moons energy and rays can beam down on the crystals and not only clean them, but re-energise them.  Find the full moon of the are a in which you live here.

When you first bring a crystal home it is a good idea to give it an energetic cleansing. You have no idea what that crystal has been through and what energies it might have picked up along the way. Think of it this way… you are helping your crystal to feel its best and be ready to work with you. It is not required, but it is recommended. Your crystal will still work with you regardless if you cleanse it or not.  


Two of my fave Crystals are the Amethyst and the Rose Quartz.

This crystal is thought to be a powerful aid to spiritual advancement.  It promotes feelings of Divine love, intuition and creative inspiration as it works with the pineal and pituitary glands and right brain activities.  Physically, it supports the endocrine and immune systems.  This one, is a great master healer crystal. It enhances intuition and psychic abilities. I personally keep this one nearby for helping headaches. Chakra: This crystal works best at the Third Eye or Crown chakras.

Rose Quartz:  
Often referred to as the LOVE STONE, this delicate pink crystal promotes forgiveness and compassion and restores emotional balance by helping us release anger and fear.  Physically, it works with the spleen, kidneys, heart, circulation and reproductive system.  This is usually the crystal I give as gifts to family members and friends.  Mine was given to me by my Godmother and Cousin, which is truly one of the most sacred gifts I have ever received.  Rose Quartz is all about love on all levels. It is calming and a great emotional healer.  I use Rose Quartz to calm down and feel better.  Chakra: Heart or Higher Heart.

Rose Quartz
rose quartz

Do you have any crystals that you absolutely adore? Maybe you have had experiences with crystals and crystal therapy that you would like to share?

join-my-list The information provided above is not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, treat, cure or prevent any disease or ailment. I am not a health professional. Essential oils are essentially classed as a food/cosmetic and not a drug. Essential oils can help support a healthy immune system and calm us and lift us up.



The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “Life Force Energy”. 

This amazing healing technique is based on channelling energy by means of touch.  To activate the natural healing processes of the your body and restore physical and emotional well-being.  

Yoga, Reiki & Meditation go hand in hand.  Whilst yoga focuses on the body and mind, Reiki is about the subtle energies and our chakras (the energy gates of our aura). I incorporate energy healing in some yoga classes so that you can experience both mind and body rejuvenation.  I believe that a healthy body and healthy mind are both as equally imperative to achieve happiness.  We start by honouring the breath, setting an intention, and then move onto our intuitive healing.  

I first experienced the want to practise Reiki, when i realised that I had the willingness to heal from within. Not only had I learnt that the body has an amazing ability to heal itself, but now I realised that I could and wanted to help others achieve the same rejuvenation that I had felt. I was completely convinced that complementary therapy was the way to go in my own healing journey.  I took all the teachings from various yoga and meditation courses I had taken part in over the course of my life, and welcomed a sense ‘wanting more’.

Since a wee little las, I could sense a person’s energy when they walked into a room, or feel a tingling sensation when I held a quartz crystal. I could see colors in another’s aura, and trusted in something so much greater and larger than myself.  Always recognizing these as gifts that could be further explored, rather than feared, I was ready for my life to change when I decided to create space for my highest power and best life to surface. Practising Reiki on others is the most humbling experience I have had the privilege to feel.  I am connected with, and always listen to my intuition, and would absolutely love to help you on this journey of self discovery.

  1. IF you’re feeling out of balance in your life or with your health, or maybe you’re feeling too emotional, crying for no reason, or you don’t feel in touch with your emotions, you feel flat or unmoved when good or bad things happen. – YOU NEED REIKI

4. IF You’re in the middle of a major life change, be it a health challenge, a recent break up, moving to a new place, or changing jobs, and you feel stuck or have trouble moving forward. – YOU NEED REIKI

3. IF you’re feeling really stressed and find it hard to switch off even during down-time or when it’s time to go to sleep. – YOU NEED REIKI

2. IF your intuition is off and you don’t know what to do.  You feel too swayed by others’ opinions.  When you try to make a decision you feel like your fears are interfering with your decision-making process. – YOU NEED REIKI

Reiki is offered through light, non-invasive touch (no feathery hand-stroking, I promise!)

My hands will either hover your body, or gently be placed along your body in a series of locations from head to toe. The placement of my hands will never be intrusive or inappropriate, and there generally won’t be any pressure – making it suitable for clients who have any injuries, scars or wounds nor should there be any pressure. Additional placements on the limbs can be done as needed (for example, if there is an injury or surgical scar), and some practitioners routinely do so.




The Root Chakra – Muladhara baby…!

If you haven’t already checked out my vlog about the Root Chakra, then I suggest you get your ears around that recording (click here), so that you an learn about the fundamental building block on which your whole life is built.

Have you ever walked around stiffly and nervously?  fear-stricken with the feeling of complete and utter constriction.  Like you’re having an outer-body experience?  You’re not quite sure how to re-connect with your body.  Although you have a darn good idea that it might have something to do with sweating or moving, you’re not sure how to get going.  Anxious and unmotivated, you continue to ignore the signs.

This is a sure-fire sign that your Root Chakra could be out of balance.  A disconnection from the body is a disconnection from the Self, you definitely want to get that baby balanced and aligned, so that you can continue to be the amazing human that you know you can be.

” To lose our connection with the body is to become spiritually homeless.  Without an anchor, we float aimlessly, battered by the winds and waves of life” – Anodea Judith

Affirmations for the Root Chakra
Affirmations for the Root Chakra

When we experience the Separation from the experience of our bodies, we separate from aliveness, natural world and inner truth.  Your actions become compulsive, and no longer ruled by consciousness or rooted in feelings.  This separates us form the roots of existence.

Go ahead and click on the link to my Video Blog.  Listen to my explanation of the Root Chakra, Muladhara Chakra.  Perhaps learn of ways in which you can rebalance this grounding energy centre so that you may feel safe & secure.  Trust that the universe will give you exactly what you need, when you need it.

For those gorgeous souls who have reached out to me for a Muladhara Chakra Meditation recording, please click on the link below for this beautiful four minute meditation to rebalance your Root Chakra to leave you feeling more grounded. I hope you enjoy!

self healing

IF YOU DON’T practise holistic self healing starting now; YOU’LL HATE YOURSELF LATER.

What is Holistic Healing?  and why the hell do you need it?  

Have you got a serious illness or disease that is in need of immediate healing?
Are you on a quest to find meaning to your life?
Or are you thirsty to learn and know more about who you truly are?  What makes us whole?

The word ‘heal’ comes from the Anglo Saxon word meaning ‘health’ and ‘holy’.  In modern times, it seems that the western world has lost the connection between these two words, just as it has lost the connection to ‘health’ and ‘wholeness’.  In Western Medicine, the focus is primarily placed on the physical body, and so treatment focuses on the physical body. Doctors in the West, believe that although having a healthy attitude during treatment can help a patient’s recovery, they do not necessarily believe that it is an integral part of the healing process.  With Body, Mind, and Spirit disconnected, there can be no complete healing.  

A soul that is sick, will manifest its dis-ease into physical symptoms.  No one wants a sick soul right!?  Right!

Holistic therapies move toward the origins of the dis-ease and try to treat the origins without the use of conventional medicine.  Treating the spirit within is an integral part of sourcing the imbalance of our bodies and minds.

You can book an appointment with me where we can assess your needs together, and plan an intuitive treatment accordingly. This can all be done in the hour that we spend together.  An intuitive treatment is designed from a combination of modalities suited to your specific needs.  The treatments performed will ensure that you leave feeling nurtured, calm and peaceful.  Rest assured that the treatment we choose for you will be tailored specifically for you.

Alternatively, if you’re the kind of ‘fix it yourself type’; then you should totally pop your details in the subscribe bar below, as I will be teaching folks how they can heal themselves through holistic therapies, which includes meditation, aromatherapy and chakra rebalancing techniques.   “The Practice of Holistic Self-Healing” enables you to apply healing techniques with a focus on maintaining practical self-care for holistic living.
Participants will benefit from this activity by reducing stress in both their professional and private lives resulting in a healthier lifestyle.

Give yourself permission & allow me to guide you back to your true Self, where the seat of your inner wisdom lies, and you are once again restored in all the magnificence that you are.  I am running a short vlog series about the chakras.  Click here to check it out.

“Joy is a return to the deep harmony of body, mind, and spirit
that was yours at birth and that can be yours again.
That openness to love, that capacity for wholeness
with the world around you, is still within you” – Deepak Chopra


I’m releasing a course about Chakra Balancing in November this year.  By registering to join this amaze-balls super-duper VIP list, you’ll receive a free 10 minute Rainbow-Breathing meditation. Boom!



Dry Skin Brushing

wake up feeling AHHHHMAZING !

It makes sense that because our skin is our largest organ, we would assist it to eliminate toxins by spending a few minutes per day dry skin brushing.

Your skin is usually the last organ in your body to receive nutrients, yet its the first to show sign of imbalance or deficiency. One third of your body’s toxins are excreted through the skin and dry brushing helps to unclog pores and excrete toxins that become trapped in the skin.

Dry Skin Brushing aids the lymphatic system by activating the flow of lymph through the body. The lymphatic system, unlike other systems in the body, requires the manual assistance of either muscle contraction or manual movement.  This helps decongest and dump toxins out of the body through the adrenals and liver.
Other benefits of dry skin brushing include the following:
…Aids digestion and Kidney Function
…Promotes skin cell rejuvenation BY REMOVING dead skin cells and other outer impurities
…Encourages your body to dump wastes,even the distribution of fat cells & strengthens the immune system
…Stimulates acupressure points and general blood circulation
…Helps your skin absorb nutrients
I usually brush just before I jump into the shower.

I use a rather small brush with natural-hair bristles, which I bought from the Australian Natural Soap Company at the South Melbourne Markets.  Although I purchased one of their smallest brushes (which is actually a face brush) I LOVE the fact it takes me more time to make my way from toes to face.  All them more time for my mindfulness practise and moving meditation.

Making circular motions from my extremities towards my heart, I brush over each body area only once.  There is no need to scrub over the same area twice, nor it is necessary to press very hard.  Light gentle strokes should suffice.  Your skin will feel slightly tingly, but definitely not irritated or red.  After I have gone over my whole body, I jump in the shower & rinse off to remove any dead skin cells or leftover debris.

Do you have any dry skin brushing experiences? If so, please share in the comments below.  We could all use an extra bit of advice when it comes to Self-Love, so please share this post with someone whom you feel would benefit from it.


Breathe in, Breathe out, and Breathe Some More


Breathe in.  Breathe out.

Sounds Simple Right? WRONG.
Let’s say that your breathing is completely normal.  You inhale and exhale without even having to think about it.  Let’s also say that you have no allergies nor asthma, and you don’t smoke. You feel fine.
If someone asked you how your breathing was, you would tell them that it was ‘fine’ or ‘normal’.
Whilst normal breathing is adequate for maintaining a certain level of energy, it isn’t enough to generate dramatic improvements in health.

Think about it – each time you inhale, you’re drawing in air, the life giving element.

Each time you exhale, you’re ridding yourself of waste.

This constant energy exchange is pulsating in you like an alternating current, with all systems and activities in your body so closely connected with your breathing.

We depend on our breathing for life and health itself.  My breath and heartbeat form the basic rhythm of my body, and this constant give and take, the ebb and flow, is with me from birth, and stays with me through all the moments of my life.

Each breath I take stimulates the blood circulation to the liver, stomach and other internal organs to increase your metabolism.  Without having to regurgitate other physiological facts about the benefits of Full Belly Breathing, Pranic Breathing, Diaphragmatic breathing (and whatever other fancy-pants name you want to give it) the only question I ask you is:

Think of your lungs divided into thirds:
1st third:  Clavicular Breathing.  Accomplished by raising the collarbones and shoulders ONLY and is the most shallow type of breathing which occurs in the tops of your lungs and no deeper.
2nd third:  Intercostal Breathing.  Think of a heaving chest.  Got it?  that’s an exaggerated version of intercostal breathing.  This type of breathing is most common and you’ll physically see the ribcage expand and contract along with the collarbones and shoulders moving up and down.
The whole lung:  Diaphragmatic Breathing.  Breathing into the WHOLE lung.  This can also be referred to as Abdominal or Pranic Breathing. This is a full & complete breath. This type of breathing allows a greater proportion of air to enter the lungs.

I love to start my day with Breathwork (aka Pranayama) and if you’ve ever attended one of my classes, you’ll know that this is the beginning to moving or meditating, as it grounds us from when we first sit on the mat or meditation pillow (or wherever we’re practising from).

If you want to give breathwork a go, you want to try a little bit on your own, then click here to go the amazing Yoga Journal. You’ll find a myriad of various breathing techniques available to try.  OR If you would prefer listening to a breathwork meditation, then click this link to listen to a recording of a meditation I offer clients to help them settle and find their space prior to a meditation or yoga practise.

Find a comfortable seat with your eyes closed to help you focus your inner awareness on the body being breathed.  If you feel that keeping the eyes open is more comfortable, then do so, but try and find a spot where you can softly focus your gaze for the duration of your meditation. Sometimes, simply taking a moment to sense your face, hands, fingertips and the space around you, is a beautiful way to come back to the physical sensation of body.

Start breathing in and out through the nose.

Slow and Steady breaths.  Let you breath become deep.

Start small, & gradually grow your practise.

Remember, slow and steady winds the race.