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5 Tips to Bring Your Lady Bits Back to Balance

…and by Lady Bits, I mean Hormones.

Have you ever felt like you were following someone else’s schedule rather than your own natural rhythm?

You may be letting your kids, husband, partner, or even roommates influence the flow of your day; it could also be a broader “prescribed rhythm” that you’re going with instead of actually listening to your body.

Here’s the truth: One rhythm does not work for everyone. Following someone else’s schedule more often than not has a negative effect on female hormones. If you’re dealing with chronic fatigue, low sex drive, intense premenstrual syndrome (PMS), cystic acne, mild depression, or other “random” symptoms, going against your natural rhythm might be the issue. By working to balancing your hormones, you’ll naturally begin to live in harmony with your female body instead of dragging yourself along on someone else’s agenda.

The result? You’ll start feeling more energized and vibrant than ever.


A lot of women feel like they need to keep up with other people. If you don’t feel like partying four nights a week after a 14-hour workday or exercising for two hours every single day, you might think there’s something wrong with you. You might even beat yourself up or feel ashamed and lazy. Ignoring your body’s signals and writing them off as laziness is not productive or helpful – it actually drains your energy even more.

The mental weight you put on yourself (like shame and judgment) is often more draining than a long to-do list. The female body is naturally incredibly fine-tuned. It is designed for deep relaxation and self-care at certain times of the month and linear, productive work at other times of the month.

Here are some symptoms that commonly appear when you have been pushing your body rather than honoring your limits:

1| You’re exhausted.

2| Your sex drive is nowhere to be found.

3| Your PMS is more intense than usual.

4| You’re gaining weight around the middle of your body.

5| You feel guilty, ashamed, and/or depressed – sometimes for no particular reason.

6| Cystic acne is starting to appear, especially around the jawline and chin.

If this is you, and you feel like you need some help in this department; read on to learn how to heal the body through simple methods that bring your female body back into balance.


When symptoms pop up, it’s easy to fear there might be a bigger or more complex issue going on or to feel like you’re broken and you can’t heal. The first step to healing is acknowledging that nothing is inherently wrong with you. Even if your health is not perfect right now, there’s nothing wrong with you and you’re not broken. You are whole exactly as you are. From that place of confidence in your body’s ability to heal itself, you can get curious about what’s going on for you and tap into the endless toolbox, the universal library of information that is always within.  To do this, you may want to consider meditation, contemplation, journalling, or other beautiful practises that allow you to explore your feelings, and or be the witness to what is going on for you.  Embodying the mindset that you are healthy now and you can become even healthier takes a huge weight off your shoulders and allows your body to naturally reach health. Stop focussing on what you believe to be WRONG, and focus your energy on the good things in your life. Read more about my recent post on Gratitude to understand how this all works.


Are you chronically exhausted, trying to push through the day? Maybe you’re actually tired. Starting with weekends, let yourself sleep as long as you want. You might notice that you wake up naturally without an alarm clock during the week. Some people will be healed after one long deep sleep, while others might need to take some serious time off to come back into balance. Sleep is a requirement for good health. Listen to your body and sleep when you’re tired.  Even short power-naps are a juicy way to re-energise the body.  Pop a diffuser on with some calming Essential oils, like, Lavender, Pettitgrain or even LemonGrass and Cedarwood, and let the aromatic compounds calm the nervous system for some down time.


Most modern people spend the majority of their lives in the sympathetic nervous system state, aka the fight or flight, stranger-danger zone: that feeling you get when someone creeps up behind you and surprises you – or, perhaps less likely, when you’re getting chased by a bear. Here’s the thing: Your body doesn’t know the difference between those literal stressors and chronic work-related stress, or stress that stems from difficult relationships. When your body is in this sympathetic state, it can’t repair. When you are relaxed and calm, your body is in the parasympathetic state – referred to as the “rest and digest” system. This state is brought on by sleep, laughing, meditation, qigong, reiki, and even intimacy like cuddling and sex. Your body has to be in the parasympathetic state to heal and evolve. The more you can activate your parasympathetic nervous system by relaxing and having more fun, the healthier you’ll be – physically and mentally.


It might surprise you, but sometimes the harder you work out, the more stress you actually put on your body. Depending on your constitution and condition, you may actually need gentle exercise, like yoga or tai chi. Certain forms of rigorous exercise trigger the stress response, so make sure you balance your hard-core workouts with practices that are more gentle on the body. Gentle practices might include yoga, meditation, or dance. You might even discover that you want to do only these more gentle practices. Experiment for a few weeks and see how your body responds.


Community has a powerful influence on personal health, and developing a community of people to support you is crucial to balancing your hormones. When you feel alone and isolated, you’re more likely to overeat, feel depressed, and lack love and connection in your life. Humans are meant to live in communities – it’s natural and necessary. Reach out to three people this week who you’d like to deepen your relationship with and notice how it impacts your energy and physical health over the next few months.

If you’re stoke that you read this post, and you want to delve into this subject a bit more, then please join me for a workshop on Sunday the 9th April at 11am in Port Melbourne.  Click here to reserve your spot. Tickets are FREE (I know, it’s ludicrous right?!) but seats are limited so get in quick if you can attend,  

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Please share this post with women who you feel would benefit from these 5 tips, After all, it’s all about sisterhood, love and sharing the message that it’s ok to beat the drum to your own rhythm. It’s ok to be your own person.  It’s ok, no, IT’S ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for you to show up in the world EXACTLY as you are NOW. You have a divine gift and by not being true to yourself, but not expressing your hearts passion, by not accessing the gifts that you’ve been given, you’re doing (not only the world at large) but yourself a disservice.

Let’s create a movement in the world where we start to honour the body, and it’s limits. Who’s with me?


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My Top 10 Secrets to Success

Have you ever wondered about people who are so successful ?

What they do to create success?

I mean, what sort of tactics and and or rituals do they use? and how the hell did they figure it all out? After having done some super-serious research, (and by that I mean, super-serious scrolling) I realised that a lot of the people who are ‘successful’ have had some sort of sport’s training, and blatantly attribute sport in their lives for one of the main reasons that they are successful.  Before we go any further, I think we should define the meaning of success, which will be very different for everyone reading this.  Success for you could be that you hit a particular income figure for the year? or perhaps gaining more freedom so that you can hang out with your family more. Heck man, maybe success for you on a given day is brushing your teeth before midday because your bub is sick and you’re exhausted.

Whatever your definition of success is, I want you to think about it whilst reading this post, and see whether or not you can credit sport to the success you have in life today, or perhaps start to create a pathway to success by including sports-practises into your life.

How? Here are 4 Similarities between sports and life, which, once understood and practised, will help you start to pave the way towards success in your life.

Once you’ve experienced these things on the field, on stage, in life, you ‘get it’ enough to move on and create more abundance for yourself.

  1. The power of loss is something you have felt before, and you know that in every sports game, you can’t avoid it. Even if you don’t try to win, and you’ve given up, you’re losing, and it’s this ability to deal with failure and learning to get back up which is the platform to help you deal with life’s ups and downs.  Believe me, it’s not easy, and when you don’t get what you want, it’s even more challenging to change your mindset to get back on the horse – BUT it’s this innate reason that allow sportsmen and women to succeed in ways others struggle to assimilate. It is a vital part in success. Falling down and getting back up teaches you a lot about yourself and how you handle tough situations.  In today’s experiences of loss, I have found Ylang Ylang Essential Oil to be a powerful remedy for the heart. The scent reconnects me with accessing my intuition and my ‘heart’s knowing’, and helps me to release emotional trauma.
  2. When you’re playing sports, you’re quite determined and clear on what you want to get out of a game or a performance. You visualise your wants for the way you want to play, the things that you need to improve on, and if you’ve been taught to visualise, then you visualise the crap out of any given situation so that you know how to respond. I have attended a few dance-training camps in my days, and everyday, we would be asked to lie flat on the floor, and the music would play. Our eyes would close, and we would spend a considerable amount of time visualising our routines, without moving a muscle. We were taught to visualise the way our body would move, the way we would feel, and the way our breath would facilitate and initiate each and every movement. It was MAGIC, for when we rose and physically performed our routines thereafter, we would FEEL different! and we sure as hell looked different. It’s as though the mind created the shift for us, and the body followed-suit.   By using visualisation techniques to build success in your own life, you will increase the chances of creating and manifesting the life of your dreams.  All it takes is a few moments of silence and a clear vision to create whatever your version of success is. I visualise and journal every single morning.  I pop a few drops of Essential Oil (which one/blend will depend of what I’m trying to create in my life at the time) in the diffuser, and perhaps wipe a ‘moustache’ of the oil on my top lip, and the frequency of the oil will lift, and teach my soul in ways i don’t even need to understand.
  3. Affirmations.  Each dancer has  their own way of dealing with the stress and anxiety (if felt at all) of performing on stage. I’m sure that athletes have this too. In the locker room, some guys and gals prefer to listen to music. Some sit still alone with their thoughts. Some run around in an attempt to get rid of unwanted energy, and some chit-chat with those around them so that they can take their mind off their next gruelling task. Whatever it is that they have decided to do, there comes a time when every athlete mumbles a sentence, a phrase, a mantra to themselves. Perhaps even having a full-blown conversation with themselves about the way they’re going to perform. It’s then that you are using clear and positive language  as opposed to ‘don’ts’, or negative words.  Using positive language to overcome the fear, the doubt and build your confidence in and off the field, is a sure-fire way to get results, and to train your mind to co-create your own reality.  I have written a bit about accessing an energy centre within to help you rid fear, anxiety, and other debilitating emotions. Click here to read the post.
  4. Nutrition wasn’t always high on my radar.  In my late teens and early twenties, the goal was to eat as ‘cheap’ as possible so that we could afford lessons with top trainers in the world.  Quite incredible how my mind and life has changed fast forward 10 years huh?  I was gulping down all sorts of energy drinks, slim-pills, water retention tricks, pick-me-ups, you name it, I’ve tried it. The aim of the game was to sleep less, and train more. Possible at 18! not so much as you get older.  The exhaustion set in, and what a friggen nightmare when it turned into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome .  It was a nightmare alright!  but I kept on going.   As an athlete, you always push through. I have since learnt SO MANY lessons on listening to my body. I have had so many stumbles along the way. Oh goodness, I remember how I ate the wrong foods, and took various stimulants to  keep going. Thankfully – Times have changed. So the fourth thing i want to mention, is how being a sportsman teaches you how to nourish your body through Nutrition.  Learning about the best ways to fuel your body helps you think with a clear mind, and to perform at your best for extended periods of time. That’s one thing that I probably learnt too late in my dancing career, The imperative need to eat right!  What you put into your body is what you get back out in the playing field so best you put organic and ethically sourced products in your mouth, or you’ll be vibrating at such low frequencies you won’t even know yourself.


How I got to find balance?  Learning and implementing the following 10 steps into my life….

  1. Failing is ok – Well, one big moment in my life, when things started (and I say started because it took me another few years to get with the program) was when we lost our National title. One thing I have learnt is that losing will help you to get better. It will help you to be better. It’ll help you to ascertain what you want, and guide you to take the right steps to succeed.  I have recently had to order yet another bottle of Bergamot Essential Oil to help relieve feelings of despair, self judgement and low self-esteem.  It’s a great little helper with hope, love, optimism and confidence, and you can never have enough of this Oil – The Oil of Self-Acceptance
  2. People who can teach you – I found Mentors and those who inspire me, and I surround myself with these people. High Vibin’ peeps.  You WILL Succeed with mentors around you.
  3. I have found that giving is far better than receiving – Something I am focussing more on now, is how to lead, and become a mentor. I learnt that the more I teach, the more I learn, so its with this in mind that I am really focussing on leading my team, and stepping into a role where I can really help those who want some guidance. I must admit that I’m in my friggen element and truly loving it.  Giving is the most powerful thing that you can do, and I highly recommend you try it.
  4. Do what you love and leave fear and doubt in the gutter. Use tools to leave those things behind such as books, meditation, journalling, reflection practises and or contemplation and other creative doings like colouring-in and drawing mandalas to be the most effective tools in my life. But this list isn’t conclusive and you may find your own self-love and care practises to be something completely different. Experiment and see where you land. Don’t try to be perfect, and please, for love of all things, have fun whilst you’re figuring it all out.
  5. I try to move in spite of fear – Always try something new and innovate constantly.  I have made a silent pledge to myself to continue to advance, no matter what. Whether that be advancing into a period of stillness, or moving really fast and achieving.  Juniper Berry Essential Oil is my best buddy here – I spray her on my body every morning to protect me, and give me courage.
  6. My Spirituality has definitely helped me find balance. Understanding that I only have control over the way I react to situations, and over the situations themselves has given me the relief of knowing that I don’t have to change the world, I just have to be the light in my own life, and I’ll start attracting LIKE.
  7. Learn the basics and then re-learn them – Know what is important and trust that there is always a reason for things that happen. I understand that I am going to fall off-balance at times, but when that happens, I have sustained long-term daily practises that help me come back to basics. .
  8. Stay balanced – By having a long term plan, about what you want to achieve & what your goals are. I spent some time earlier this week writing out my 10 year Goals, 5 years Goals, 1 year Goals and 3 month Goals.  It helps me to look at the big picture. This life is crazy, but if you’re able to look long term, big picture, you can calm down and face reality.  Having a Vision Board Also helps. One that’s in clear view for all to see.  the doTERRA Balance Blend was by my side during my goal setting program this week. Together, we write from the heart, and co-created a fantastic set of goals.
  9. Get rid of Perfection Paralysis – This is one that I really got stuck on . Things don’t need to be perfect, you just need to do them.  I have blended a Calming Blend for times when I feel stuck or stagnant. After moving about to release or disperse energy, I pop some of this on my pulse points and witness the feelings of hostility, fear, anger, and any other emotion I am feeling at the time, dissipate and release.
  10. Education! constantly strive to better yourself and your situation. The onus is on you to educate yourself.  Work on yourself and be honest about the things you need to work on. One by one, write them down and then figure out what you’re going to do to get better. Progress, do not stagnate, move forward.


Do you have ways that you’ve benefited from incorporating sports into your life?

Share them with us please in the comments below, or feel free to share this post with someone who you think will benefit.

I use Essential Oils of the Highest Vibe and Frequency, so that I am guaranteed to not only support ethical, natural, certified organic products (which is right for my soul) but also, because they’re the best in the world, and let’s face it, it’s only the best for this little princess.

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How ‘TRUSTING’ Rewarded Me The Life Of My Dreams!

So by now you know that I am all about discovering and playing around with this innate knowledge and belief that there is an Energy Force around us, supporting us and guiding us on our journey through life.

It’s not that anyone has shown this energy to me in its physical form, I just KNOW and TRUST that it’s there. I mean, countless times in my life, I have made decisions based on gut feeling, and my gorgeous ‘gut’ never fails me. Admittedly, there were time that this concept of ‘trusting’ wasn’t something that came easy for me.  The more I grew up, the more I realised that I had this inner faith, an inner voice, an energy field, protecting me and showing me what to do and what to say, how to act in certain situations, and whether to react to circumstances in my life.

I realised that through my early 20’s, I allowed circumstances to get in the way of my hearing and listening to my ‘gut’, and things in my life started to go in all directions that I knew, were NOT GOOD FOR ME. I could feel my life downward spiralling, and those that were close to me, were I’m sure, quite afraid for me as I didn’t have any direction, and was just meandering through the days, looking for any highs or fixes that would that cure satiate my thirst for thrills.

So, I started to listen to that voice again. Goodness knows how, but it happened. It was as if I woke up one morning, and considering my actions of late, I’d gone completely mad! CRAZY!

My actions at the time were erratic to some, and even though I can’t say I was fully understanding at the time, I was committed and head-strong to complete the tasks ahead.  I call them ‘tasks’ because at the time, they most certainly were.

If I had to think back, I realise now that I entered into a conversation with my inner voice (now I’m sure you think that i’m crazy right?).  I managed to weasel my way out of countless situations which weren’t serving my highest purpose, and started to head down the path that has lead me to the amazing truth that I am in today.

So when I say, I started to get into a conversation with that voice, what exactly do I mean?

Numero Uno:

I got really clear about what I wanted in my life. Of course it started with what I didn’t want in my life, and at the time, partying and living life aimlessly was definitely something that I DID NOT want.  So, I started to get clear on what I did want.  Some call it prayer, some call it manifesting. Call it what you want, but that’s what I did.  I began the practise of setting intentions.  I first learnt how to do this on my yoga mat, and I experienced this when my yoga-instructor used to offer us a time before practise to set an intention for the next hour or even for the next day, for whatever we wanted in our lives.  She would always explain that we were to set our intention to imply as if it had already taken place, and to practise gratitude for it having already happened.

As time progressed, (and I’m talking a few years here) I started offering my intentions to a higher power – a power that was and still is greater than me. I now believe that I should have started offering this up a lot sooner, but this is how it played in my life. Se la vie.

Setting intentions is a beautiful practise that I continue to do daily. The mood that I infuse into my daily intentions is one of gratitude rather than need.  I feel like ‘needing’ something is a sign of desperation.  Coming from a place of total belief and trust that what I intend to happen is for the greater good, and not just for my selfish needs, also ensures that the energy behind my intention is that of love and compassion both for myself and for others.

An Example of these intentions or manifestations would look something like this:

When I’m trying to decide on something, I ask ‘Show me what to do where to go.  Thank you for revealing to me what it is that I need to know’

Make sense?

I also stopped setting intentions only for myself, and quite often offer up a yoga or meditation practise for others.  This has transformed my life – truly !  How? it’s placed a stop on always having to control outcomes. Being in a place of service and surrender is so much softer than ‘needing’ and ‘wanting’ and fearing the outcome if it doesn’t go my way. I learnt to surrender through prayer /or meditation, which just spiralled more gratitude for my inner guidance.  Does that makes sense?  You’ve often heard me say, ‘I go first, the universe goes second’.  I have to put myself out there FIRST, before I get good things come my way.

You KNOW when you’re aligned, right? You can FEEL it. In every bone of your body and in the ENERGY within your body. 

I like to call it the ‘zhooozsh’ feeling that runs up my spine. 

Grounded. Certain. Electric. On fire. 

THAT is the feeling of alignment for me. 

Seek more of THAT. 

Numero Dos:

The next part for me is to listen for what comes up through meditation.   When we are still, when we are energetically serene, when we are at peace, we allow the voice of love to move through us. When I listen to my intuition and inner guidance, I make a conscious effort to get out of my own way. A simple example in my life right now, is of slowing down when I’ve been going a million miles per hour. My mind is saying, “You’re on a roll Ari, don’t stop now! You’re going to miss out – FOMO!!’ ARRRGH!

What my intuition and inner Guidance is telling me, is to ‘slow down babe, chill and relax a bit. Give yourself space to recoup and recharge.’  I am sure you can relate to this right? I can’t possibly be the only one who experiences this?  I realise that the time I am given to be on my own to consider my own wants and desires, really leads me to a state of peace. I create space for myself to journal for ideas and to be in the stillness to witness and hear what comes up for me.

I dare you to try this! Experience being ‘the Witness’ in your own life – Allow the unfolding of a conversation and let it become a dialogue in your daily life.  ALLOW, WITNESS, WONDER.

Trust that what is coming for you is in the Divine Order of what you’re asking for and what you are grateful for.

Clear the voice of fear and judgement and come to the voice of life.

The outcome?  A Magnificent world which you could never imagine exists becomes reality. A world of support and freedom is available to you.  Be in conversation with the universe.  Deepen your conversation with your inner self and move beyond the judgement of whatever it is that is clocking (cock-blocking) your way.

Trust in the practice and enjoy it. I use Essential Oils DAILY to help and assist me to ‘tune in’.  I find that the smell of certain oils and blends, take me straight to a state of being, and I can’t imagine my life without my little Roll-on or Spritzer; or my Diffuser next to My Meditation Pillow.

I use these Essential Oils to nurture the trust I have with the Universe, with my inner Guidance.

  1.  Myrrh – When the soul has lost the ability to trust, feelings of trust are replaced by feelings of fear and a belief that the world is unsafe.  Myrrh assists in letting go of fear and rekindles trust within the soul.  As you learn to live in trust, confidence in the goodness of life returns and the soul feels more safe  and at home.
  2. Reassuring Blend – Lavender; Ylang Ylang; Frankincense; Clary Sage – Amongst other things, this blend invites us to trust in Divine goodness and grace. It affirms that no amount of control or effort can fill the empty soul.  It reminds us that only through connecting to the Divine, will we cultivate lasting peace. 1A3A4742

If you would like more information about the Essential Oil Brand I stand behind, and would love to get your hands on these little treasures, pl contact me by clicking here.

The Blog Post Picture was taken on our wedding day. It is my Engagement Ring / Bracelet, which was given to me by the Love of My life, when he asked me to marry him. Having had the courage to follow my gut, and trust my intuition, I now live a life abundant with love, and everything a gal could ask for.

I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you if you’ve had any experiences in your life, whereby you just ‘trusted the process’ and it’s lead you to an Incredible Outcome.

Post your comments below.

join-my-list The information provided above is not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, treat, cure or prevent any disease or ailment. I am not a health professional. Essential oils are essentially classed as a food/cosmetic and not a drug. Essential oils can help support a healthy immune system and calm us and lift us up.


11 Steps to Better Health

Statistics are thrown around a lot when it comes to risk of contracting diseases – for example, you have probably heard that 1 in 8 women will get invasive breast cancer, or 1 in 3 women will die from heart disease or stroke. But, how do you know that the drugs prescribed to prevent and treat these diseases will work for you? More importantly, how do you know that these drugs won’t cause you serious harm?

The reality is, no drug is 100 percent effective for everyone. In fact, many of the most commonly prescribed drugs work only for a minority of patients. And, many more drugs can cause harm to a significant number of people.

So, How do we take care of ourselves in the hope that we live long and happy lives?

Try these Simple Steps, and please let me know if you have any Additions for us to try

  1.  Drink More Water – Everyone’s ideal water consumption varies right? So how do we know how much water is enough and perfect for us and our bodies?  According to, there are 14 signs to notice when you’re not drinking enough water. Check out the link here to jump straight onto their website if you’re curious to know what dehydration looks and feels like.

    …and here’s some food for thought – Sometimes sweet cravings are a sign of dehydration. Before you go for the sugar, have a glass of water and wait a few minutes to see what happens.

  2. Practise Cooking – Yep, you heard right.  Besides the fact that cooking can be experienced as a sure-fire way to reduce your stress for some; You’re g’teed to know what’s going in your food when cooking for yourself.  Too many store bought, and fast-foods contain preservatives and ingredients that you’ve probably never even heard of before.  If you’re not convinced that cooking will ever be your thing, check out these fun-filled recipes (from the WholeDaily) and video’s to get you inspired enough to pop the chef’s hate on.
  3. Increase Sweet Veggies  Sweet Veggies are naturally sweet, healthy, and delicious. The more you eat, the less you’ll crave sugar.  Here’s a little article written by the about Fruits & Veggies and how you can eat the best variation of different sorts.
  4. Increase Leafy Greens –  Green vegetables are the most commonly missing food in modern diets. Learning to incorporate dark leafy greens into the diet is essential to establishing a healthy body and immune system. Greens help build your internal rainforest and strengthen the blood and respiratory system. When you nourish yourself with greens, you may naturally crowd out the foods that make you sick. Leafy green vegetables are also high – alkaline foods. Alkaline minerals in our bodies neutralize acidic conditions caused by the environment. Green vegetables help to replenish our alkaline mineral stores and filter out pollutants.  If you want to grab my FREE Glorious Greens info sheet, then click here.
  5. Experiment with Protein –  In the nutrition world, how much and what types of protein one should consume is highly debated. Some say that high-quality animal meat is needed for optimal health, while others advocate for a plant-based diet. Experiment with what works for your body at this time in your life. This way you’ll be able to successfully guide yourself to your appropriate protein source.
  6. Eat Fewer Processed Foods – Oh My Goodness, an article written on the Guardian by Joanna Blythman in 2015 sums it up pretty well.  She talks about what’s really in our food, and how careful we need to be when purchasing pre-packaged goods. This also poses the age-long question about where we get our food from? How is it sourced?

My growing preoccupation was how little we know about the food that sits on our supermarket shelvs, in boxes, cartons”

7.  Nurture Your Body – SelfCare Baby 101!  One of the things I have said since I can remember is ‘My Body is a Temple!”.  With that in mind, let’s be kind to ourselves, and remember that what we put in is what we get out. I have recently learnt what it’s like to live life in BALANCE.

Not that long ago, I was an ‘all or nothing kinda chic’, and whilst that’s still true to a certain degree, I am a little more gentle with myself when it comes to what I eat, how I think, and what I do with my spare time. Meditation is a BIG PART of my daily routine!  I use Essential Oils to nourish and care for my emotional wellbeing AND my physical body and I always make time to enjoy my own company, whether it be for 3, or 30 minutes per day! It’s crucial to my sanity, and to my marriage ! On that note…..

8.  Have healthy Relationships – Communication is the cornerstone of every strong relationship. You will not always agree with your partner, your brother, mother, sister or friend, but if you have a foundation of respect and clear communication it will be much easier to resolve any conflicts that arise.

9.  Enjoy Regular Physical Activity – A balanced diet is essential for a happy and healthy life, but without regular exercise no amount of kale or kidney beans will make up for a lack of locomotion. Just like certain foods protect us from heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, regular physical activity has its own list of health enhancement. Without exercise, it’s hard to reach your full physical and mental potential and achieve overall well-being.

10.  Find Work you Love Many people spend days, weeks, months, years, and even decades in careers that are diametrically opposed to who they are as spiritual beings. It’s incredibly important to find alignment in your career, spirituality, health, and relationships, so you can live your purpose and be happy.  It’s all about finding work you love, or learning to love the work you do. You don’t have to leave your 9-5 job in order to explore other career paths – there are always ways to find gratification.

11.  Develop a Spiritual Practise – Now I’m not talking religion here guys. I am talking Spiritual!  Now if you’re not too sure what the difference is, I am going to hand over to my dear Friends, Oprah and Brene’, as they explain what Spirituality is.  The belief that we’re all connected! That we’re all routed in LOVE and Belonging!

I would absolutely love your thoughts and comments below. I work with clients daily to help them iron out any kinks in their lives. If this sounds like somethign you’re interested in knowing mire about. Click here and fill in the contact-form and i’ll be in touch soon.

join-my-list The The information provided above is not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, treat, cure or prevent any disease or ailment. I am not a health professional. Essential oils are essentially classed as a food/cosmetic and not a drug. Essential oils can help support a healthy immune system and calm us and lift us up.



The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “Life Force Energy”. 

This amazing healing technique is based on channelling energy by means of touch.  To activate the natural healing processes of the your body and restore physical and emotional well-being.  

Yoga, Reiki & Meditation go hand in hand.  Whilst yoga focuses on the body and mind, Reiki is about the subtle energies and our chakras (the energy gates of our aura). I incorporate energy healing in some yoga classes so that you can experience both mind and body rejuvenation.  I believe that a healthy body and healthy mind are both as equally imperative to achieve happiness.  We start by honouring the breath, setting an intention, and then move onto our intuitive healing.  

I first experienced the want to practise Reiki, when i realised that I had the willingness to heal from within. Not only had I learnt that the body has an amazing ability to heal itself, but now I realised that I could and wanted to help others achieve the same rejuvenation that I had felt. I was completely convinced that complementary therapy was the way to go in my own healing journey.  I took all the teachings from various yoga and meditation courses I had taken part in over the course of my life, and welcomed a sense ‘wanting more’.

Since a wee little las, I could sense a person’s energy when they walked into a room, or feel a tingling sensation when I held a quartz crystal. I could see colors in another’s aura, and trusted in something so much greater and larger than myself.  Always recognizing these as gifts that could be further explored, rather than feared, I was ready for my life to change when I decided to create space for my highest power and best life to surface. Practising Reiki on others is the most humbling experience I have had the privilege to feel.  I am connected with, and always listen to my intuition, and would absolutely love to help you on this journey of self discovery.

  1. IF you’re feeling out of balance in your life or with your health, or maybe you’re feeling too emotional, crying for no reason, or you don’t feel in touch with your emotions, you feel flat or unmoved when good or bad things happen. – YOU NEED REIKI

4. IF You’re in the middle of a major life change, be it a health challenge, a recent break up, moving to a new place, or changing jobs, and you feel stuck or have trouble moving forward. – YOU NEED REIKI

3. IF you’re feeling really stressed and find it hard to switch off even during down-time or when it’s time to go to sleep. – YOU NEED REIKI

2. IF your intuition is off and you don’t know what to do.  You feel too swayed by others’ opinions.  When you try to make a decision you feel like your fears are interfering with your decision-making process. – YOU NEED REIKI

Reiki is offered through light, non-invasive touch (no feathery hand-stroking, I promise!)

My hands will either hover your body, or gently be placed along your body in a series of locations from head to toe. The placement of my hands will never be intrusive or inappropriate, and there generally won’t be any pressure – making it suitable for clients who have any injuries, scars or wounds nor should there be any pressure. Additional placements on the limbs can be done as needed (for example, if there is an injury or surgical scar), and some practitioners routinely do so.



The Root Chakra – Muladhara baby…!

If you haven’t already checked out my vlog about the Root Chakra, then I suggest you get your ears around that recording (click here), so that you an learn about the fundamental building block on which your whole life is built.

Have you ever walked around stiffly and nervously?  fear-stricken with the feeling of complete and utter constriction.  Like you’re having an outer-body experience?  You’re not quite sure how to re-connect with your body.  Although you have a darn good idea that it might have something to do with sweating or moving, you’re not sure how to get going.  Anxious and unmotivated, you continue to ignore the signs.

This is a sure-fire sign that your Root Chakra could be out of balance.  A disconnection from the body is a disconnection from the Self, you definitely want to get that baby balanced and aligned, so that you can continue to be the amazing human that you know you can be.

” To lose our connection with the body is to become spiritually homeless.  Without an anchor, we float aimlessly, battered by the winds and waves of life” – Anodea Judith

Affirmations for the Root Chakra
Affirmations for the Root Chakra

When we experience the Separation from the experience of our bodies, we separate from aliveness, natural world and inner truth.  Your actions become compulsive, and no longer ruled by consciousness or rooted in feelings.  This separates us form the roots of existence.

Go ahead and click on the link to my Video Blog.  Listen to my explanation of the Root Chakra, Muladhara Chakra.  Perhaps learn of ways in which you can rebalance this grounding energy centre so that you may feel safe & secure.  Trust that the universe will give you exactly what you need, when you need it.

For those gorgeous souls who have reached out to me for a Muladhara Chakra Meditation recording, please click on the link below for this beautiful four minute meditation to rebalance your Root Chakra to leave you feeling more grounded. I hope you enjoy!

self healing

IF YOU DON’T practise holistic self healing starting now; YOU’LL HATE YOURSELF LATER.

What is Holistic Healing?  and why the hell do you need it?  

Have you got a serious illness or disease that is in need of immediate healing?
Are you on a quest to find meaning to your life?
Or are you thirsty to learn and know more about who you truly are?  What makes us whole?

The word ‘heal’ comes from the Anglo Saxon word meaning ‘health’ and ‘holy’.  In modern times, it seems that the western world has lost the connection between these two words, just as it has lost the connection to ‘health’ and ‘wholeness’.  In Western Medicine, the focus is primarily placed on the physical body, and so treatment focuses on the physical body. Doctors in the West, believe that although having a healthy attitude during treatment can help a patient’s recovery, they do not necessarily believe that it is an integral part of the healing process.  With Body, Mind, and Spirit disconnected, there can be no complete healing.  

A soul that is sick, will manifest its dis-ease into physical symptoms.  No one wants a sick soul right!?  Right!

Holistic therapies move toward the origins of the dis-ease and try to treat the origins without the use of conventional medicine.  Treating the spirit within is an integral part of sourcing the imbalance of our bodies and minds.

You can book an appointment with me where we can assess your needs together, and plan an intuitive treatment accordingly. This can all be done in the hour that we spend together.  An intuitive treatment is designed from a combination of modalities suited to your specific needs.  The treatments performed will ensure that you leave feeling nurtured, calm and peaceful.  Rest assured that the treatment we choose for you will be tailored specifically for you.

Alternatively, if you’re the kind of ‘fix it yourself type’; then you should totally pop your details in the subscribe bar below, as I will be teaching folks how they can heal themselves through holistic therapies, which includes meditation, aromatherapy and chakra rebalancing techniques.   “The Practice of Holistic Self-Healing” enables you to apply healing techniques with a focus on maintaining practical self-care for holistic living.
Participants will benefit from this activity by reducing stress in both their professional and private lives resulting in a healthier lifestyle.

Give yourself permission & allow me to guide you back to your true Self, where the seat of your inner wisdom lies, and you are once again restored in all the magnificence that you are.  I am running a short vlog series about the chakras.  Click here to check it out.

“Joy is a return to the deep harmony of body, mind, and spirit
that was yours at birth and that can be yours again.
That openness to love, that capacity for wholeness
with the world around you, is still within you” – Deepak Chopra


I’m releasing a course about Chakra Balancing in November this year.  By registering to join this amaze-balls super-duper VIP list, you’ll receive a free 10 minute Rainbow-Breathing meditation. Boom!



Dry Skin Brushing

wake up feeling AHHHHMAZING !

It makes sense that because our skin is our largest organ, we would assist it to eliminate toxins by spending a few minutes per day dry skin brushing.

Your skin is usually the last organ in your body to receive nutrients, yet its the first to show sign of imbalance or deficiency. One third of your body’s toxins are excreted through the skin and dry brushing helps to unclog pores and excrete toxins that become trapped in the skin.

Dry Skin Brushing aids the lymphatic system by activating the flow of lymph through the body. The lymphatic system, unlike other systems in the body, requires the manual assistance of either muscle contraction or manual movement.  This helps decongest and dump toxins out of the body through the adrenals and liver.
Other benefits of dry skin brushing include the following:
…Aids digestion and Kidney Function
…Promotes skin cell rejuvenation BY REMOVING dead skin cells and other outer impurities
…Encourages your body to dump wastes,even the distribution of fat cells & strengthens the immune system
…Stimulates acupressure points and general blood circulation
…Helps your skin absorb nutrients
I usually brush just before I jump into the shower.

I use a rather small brush with natural-hair bristles, which I bought from the Australian Natural Soap Company at the South Melbourne Markets.  Although I purchased one of their smallest brushes (which is actually a face brush) I LOVE the fact it takes me more time to make my way from toes to face.  All them more time for my mindfulness practise and moving meditation.

Making circular motions from my extremities towards my heart, I brush over each body area only once.  There is no need to scrub over the same area twice, nor it is necessary to press very hard.  Light gentle strokes should suffice.  Your skin will feel slightly tingly, but definitely not irritated or red.  After I have gone over my whole body, I jump in the shower & rinse off to remove any dead skin cells or leftover debris.

Do you have any dry skin brushing experiences? If so, please share in the comments below.  We could all use an extra bit of advice when it comes to Self-Love, so please share this post with someone whom you feel would benefit from it.


Breathe in, Breathe out, and Breathe Some More


Breathe in.  Breathe out.

Sounds Simple Right? WRONG.
Let’s say that your breathing is completely normal.  You inhale and exhale without even having to think about it.  Let’s also say that you have no allergies nor asthma, and you don’t smoke. You feel fine.
If someone asked you how your breathing was, you would tell them that it was ‘fine’ or ‘normal’.
Whilst normal breathing is adequate for maintaining a certain level of energy, it isn’t enough to generate dramatic improvements in health.

Think about it – each time you inhale, you’re drawing in air, the life giving element.

Each time you exhale, you’re ridding yourself of waste.

This constant energy exchange is pulsating in you like an alternating current, with all systems and activities in your body so closely connected with your breathing.

We depend on our breathing for life and health itself.  My breath and heartbeat form the basic rhythm of my body, and this constant give and take, the ebb and flow, is with me from birth, and stays with me through all the moments of my life.

Each breath I take stimulates the blood circulation to the liver, stomach and other internal organs to increase your metabolism.  Without having to regurgitate other physiological facts about the benefits of Full Belly Breathing, Pranic Breathing, Diaphragmatic breathing (and whatever other fancy-pants name you want to give it) the only question I ask you is:

Think of your lungs divided into thirds:
1st third:  Clavicular Breathing.  Accomplished by raising the collarbones and shoulders ONLY and is the most shallow type of breathing which occurs in the tops of your lungs and no deeper.
2nd third:  Intercostal Breathing.  Think of a heaving chest.  Got it?  that’s an exaggerated version of intercostal breathing.  This type of breathing is most common and you’ll physically see the ribcage expand and contract along with the collarbones and shoulders moving up and down.
The whole lung:  Diaphragmatic Breathing.  Breathing into the WHOLE lung.  This can also be referred to as Abdominal or Pranic Breathing. This is a full & complete breath. This type of breathing allows a greater proportion of air to enter the lungs.

I love to start my day with Breathwork (aka Pranayama) and if you’ve ever attended one of my classes, you’ll know that this is the beginning to moving or meditating, as it grounds us from when we first sit on the mat or meditation pillow (or wherever we’re practising from).

If you want to give breathwork a go, you want to try a little bit on your own, then click here to go the amazing Yoga Journal. You’ll find a myriad of various breathing techniques available to try.  OR If you would prefer listening to a breathwork meditation, then click this link to listen to a recording of a meditation I offer clients to help them settle and find their space prior to a meditation or yoga practise.

Find a comfortable seat with your eyes closed to help you focus your inner awareness on the body being breathed.  If you feel that keeping the eyes open is more comfortable, then do so, but try and find a spot where you can softly focus your gaze for the duration of your meditation. Sometimes, simply taking a moment to sense your face, hands, fingertips and the space around you, is a beautiful way to come back to the physical sensation of body.

Start breathing in and out through the nose.

Slow and Steady breaths.  Let you breath become deep.

Start small, & gradually grow your practise.

Remember, slow and steady winds the race.


Relieve Symptoms of Anxiety with these 3 Simple Techniques

Relief from Anxiety Symptoms with Meditation.

Do you suffer from anxiety?  Are you tired of your excessive thinking? insomnia? migraines? intestinal problems? dizziness? nausea? shortness of breath? & heart palpitations?  These are just some of the symptoms associated with anxiety,that I know all too well. Anxiety is an obsessive thought pattern focussed on the future about the ‘what ifs?’ that can potentially ruin your life if not handled or managed.

Prolonged states of anxiety can reach a state of vital exhaustion.  Anyone who has had a panic attack can vouch for tiredness you feel for a day or even two after an episode.

I get asked all the time is?  “How can I manage my anxiety holistically?”

Meditation has long been prescribed for people suffering from Anxiety.

If we look at what meditation is, we can clearly see why. Part of what meditation does, has to do with slowing down the rush of thoughts, the so-called Monkey Mind.  It makes you aware of various thought patterns by focussing on the present moment where you can recognise first glimmers of anxiety and intervene with a relaxing breath.  It’s sounds so simple, and it is!  But for some, this may seem like a massive challenge, and one to be dealt with with care.

When you meditate daily, (for only 5-10 minutes per day to get you started) you’re able to detach from thoughts long enough to begin to see them clearly.  Your mind becomes relaxed but not dull, tuned in, & yet disengaged from your normal relationship to the outside world.  I’m not talking about a once off meditation every now and then, I’m talking about a DAILY PRACTISE!

You see, with practise, meditating becomes easier, and I can guarantee that you’ll tame that ‘Monkey Mind’ in no time at all. For someone with anxiety, the last thing you may want to do is sit with your eyes closed for 10-20 minutes.  If that sounds like you, then perhaps keep your eyes open, softly gazing downwards or on a focus point in front of you.

Three ways in which I LOVE to meditate are the following:

  1. Guided Meditations:  I am a HeadSpace Addict.  I have their application on my phone and I have purchased an annual subscription.  Yes, some days I go off on my own and meditate without the use of the guide. But more often than not, I like listening to Andy’s soothing voice.  Before long, I am transported to the depths of my soul, where it’s quiet, calm and peaceful!  I can’t be all that wrong with this cool App, check out this video post of The Rocket Scientist who meditates with HeadSpace EVERY DAMN DAY.  If a cool Rocket Scientist is listening to this daily – then ask yourself, not only WHY he is? but more so, why you aren’t?  There are tons of guided mediations to choose from on the internet.  If you need any helping deciding which to try, just pop a comment below and I’ll help you find one to serve you best.
  2. Another really cool meditation practise is Yoga Nidra.  This a powerful technique in which you learn to relax consciously in a dynamic sleep.  A practise can generally last for 20-40 minutes, and you can learn it from a recording whilst lying down on your back.  The guide will take you through a systematic method of inducing physical, mental and emotional relaxation.   You could attend this type of mediation session in a Yoga Studio (usually scheduled for Sunday evenings) or download a recording from the web.  I’ll be releasing a series of guided Yoga Nidra’s soon, so please let me know if you’re interested by commenting below, and I’ll make sure to notify you once released.
  3. If you’re not too sure about indulging in Meditations just yet, perhaps Breathwork or breathing exercises would suit you better right now.  By deep belly breathing, not only can you introduce more oxygen into your lungs, but it’s a great practise to know for when those panic attacks show up. Remember this; the relaxation response cannot be active with the stress response. That means that when you’re in a panic, by simply breathing long deep breaths, you’ll activate your relaxation response and turn off your stress response. (pretty neat huh!?).  There are a number of breathing practises, taught in a variety of yogic traditions, that can help calm the mind.  Amongst the simple and most useful is a 1:2 ratio of inhalation to exhalation.  So, if you normally inhale for 3 seconds, then breath out for 6 seconds.  You should never feel shortness of breath or discomfort.  If you do; just drop the practise and return to your normal breath.

Please note that:  meditation is a place where psychological traumas which may have been walled off, may be released.  Results may be uncomfortable but this’ll help you transcend painful events to a degree of happiness and calm.

It’s important to know that people with clinical depression, schizophrenia or serious psychological problems should consult mental health professional before beginning a meditation practise.

I am so interested to hear what you think about Meditation.  What have you experienced? what are you struggling with? Post your comments below or share with someone who you feel could benefit from this post pleasies….