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Hi There! My name is Arianna Pienaar. My friends call me Ari.

I consider myself a bit of a world citizen. Not only because I have travelled quite a bit, but more-so because of my Spanish-Italian heritage, & the fact that I was born and raised in South Africa. I studied Ballet and Contemporary Dance at university and have had the opportunity to travel the world during my dancing career. My husband and I live in Melbourne, Australia, with our super-cute miniature sausage-dog Marvin.

 As an extension of my dancing career, I have practised yoga since my teens. However, it was in 2013 that I finally gave up my full-time corporate job to become a full-time yoga teacher.  The first stint in my Teaching Career was short lived - Being the ‘all or nothing’ kinda chick that I am, I worked myself quite literally to the bone. I’m not sure if it was all those years of dancing or the crap-load of yoga that I taught and practiced that year, but my hips literally gave out. Really 'normal' things because very challenging.,

I had difficulty walking & even sitting for short periods of time was excruciating.  Not even lying down eased my pain.  Once the crippling night pains set in, I was in a bad way.

At this point, faced with the possibility of hip surgery and very reliant on other practitioners to heal me, I made a very important decision that has changed my life. I decided to stop focussing on my illness, and focus instead on my health through holistic healing.  

I have always had a sense that my BODY HAS AN INCREDIBLE ABILITY TO HEAL ITSELF, so I committed to a personal holistic healing practice. The more I learnt about holistic healing the more I curious I became. I felt more grounded because this practice seeks to balance mind, body, spirit and emotions. It all felt like a harmonious extension to everything I already knew (from my years as a dancer and yogi) about the body and the effects of movement on it.

I wanted to learn a lot more!  More about the energetic body, and how it affects the physical body, our mind and our emotions.  So in true “Ari-style”, I studied my butt off, and became a qualified Complementary / Holistic Therapist.

My Qualifications include

  • Certified Holistic Practitioner
  • Certified Reiki Practitioner
  • Certificate 3 Group Fitness Instruction
  • Barre Teaching Qualification
  • RYT200 Yoga Qualification
  • RYPT PreNatal Yoga Qualification
  • Yin Yoga Qualification

I took responsibility for MY own health and well-being and empowered myself (body and mind) with the secrets of balance, harmony, and the release of energy for healing. This eliminated the need for someone else to ‘fix me'.  And as a Health Wellness coach, I want the same for you.

It is my mission to teach and empower YOU to look after yourself through healing and transformative physical, spiritual and mental practices. I will help YOU remember how to read the signs of your intelligent and beautiful body. Learn about how you can re-balance your energies through Various Healing Modalities, and shift energy through Physical, Spiritual and Mental Practises. You'll find on these pages , and in my offerings , the tools you need to become the person you are destined to be.

If this sounds like you, then I want to help. Join me:

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You can send me an email to arianna@ariannapienaar.com.

I would lurrve to hear from you!


I can't wait to get to know you, 

x Ari