The Weird Truth about Gratitude

Having just come out of what I can only call one of the most frustrating days of this year so far, i have had to remind myself on how to shift negative, and potentially harmful energy QuickSmart.  I mean, it’s pretty important to know how to get out of a negative energy state quickly, whether you’re arguing or have had a bad or distasteful experience – It could be one of the MOST IMPORTANT things you learn how to do in your life. SO HOW DO YOU elevate your energy in a quick and exciting way?


You Focus on what you appreciate. By redirecting your focus on what’s working in your life,  (if you can) speaking it out loud.

By verbalising and saying what you appreciate by using your words, you will dramatically shift your negative state within minutes.

If you practice gratitude as opposed to maintaining an attitude of entitlement, you’ll automatically extend inspiration wherever you go. Being grateful helps remove the influence of your ego, which is certain that you’re better than everyone else.

An attitude of gratitude allows you to adopt what’s called “radical humility,” a trait that’s very persuasive in helping others feel inspired.

Most of the people I’ve met or observed who are at the top levels in their chosen fields have these attitudes of gratitude and radical humility. After all, when so many high achievers reach for their statuette or championship trophy, they say, “First I’d like to thank God.” It’s almost as if they can’t help themselves—they’re so grateful for their accolade, but even more than that, they know that there’s a Force in the Universe way bigger than they are that allows them to act, sing, write, compete, or design. And if you adopt this kind of an attitude, you’ll inspire others. It’s that simple.

Catapult yourself out of any negative state.
By being so audaciously grateful for everything that you have in your life.   IMG_5443

Your Home, Your shoes, Your meals…and go down your own daily list. Lean into it and move quickly out of a negative patterns & fear based stories. With a new vibration, you can reach for new thought patterns. By being appreciative and light-hearted, you’ll transport yourself into a new way of being. So just ask yourself,  What do you appreciate in your life, in your your circumstances?  This positive attitude that will help create our own positive reality.

And here’s another very important aspect of this process – You’ll become kinder and more compassionate with yourself.

By becoming more loving toward yourself, you will attract more of the higher, faster energies and begin to change what’s inside you. In your thoughts, you’ll start to  cultivate an inner voice and attitude that’s always FOR YOU. Imagine an aspect of yourself that only supports and loves you.

If you want to put this in practise, then you may consider scheduling a certain time of the day when that’s the only thought that you allow yourself to pay attention to! Pop a drop of Lime doTERRA essential oil in your diffuser, paint your nose with it and give yourself a moustache so that you can inhale the aromatic properties of it’s refreshing and glorious aroma.  Lime  Essential Oil is one of the Essential Oils that I use in my Practise to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude for all the Gifts of the the Imperfections in my Life.

I have noticed that gradually this attitude has extended to other people, even if i’ve only has a minute or two per day to practise.  Try it – You’ll begin to receive this energy back and ultimately be able to send thoughts of love and joy to everyone and everything in your world. Notice when your thoughts drift into the lower energy of ridicule or hate or guilt, and change the thought at that very moment, if at all possible. If you’re unable to change your thought, at least love yourself for what you did do— that is, for noticing.

Please Share your Thoughts & ways on how you shift your energy. I would love to hear how you transform your negative state into that which is positive and uplifting.

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As Louise Hay always says, your thoughts create your life and thinking positive thoughts around a negative outcome in your life will help to create a more positive outcome to occur going forward.

The quickest way to change your reality and shift your energy is to start consciously choosing better thoughts and having an attitude of gratitude. This means reaching for thoughts that feel good, and focusing on what you DO want and what you DO have, not on what you don’t want and what you don’t have. Gratitude always clears the runway for more awesomeness to keep showing up and it can snap you out of a negative downhill spiral in moments.

"Praise and promote the positive in others. Critical attitudes and behaviours can create fear in those around you".

Together We Stand

Two Steps To Happiness…

“cynics do not contribute, sceptics do not create and doubters do not achieve” – Brian Hinckley

I haven’t written for a while. Maybe because I’ve been distracted building my doTERRA business, (which by the way, has seen some incredible growth over the past few weeks), but I’ve also found the courage to drop that which doesn’t serve me, in whatever shape it takes form in.  Aside from the expansive growth I have experienced in my incredible team, I’ve also (by no coincidence) experienced this growth in my life. The person who I am now, is most certainly NOT the gal who posted the previous blog post a whole 6 weeks ago. I know this because she would never have allowed a week to pass without working on her blog. Wouldn’t have allowed anything to ‘slip’ for fear that she would have been disappointing herself.

Crazy I know, because in the big scheme of things, who cares if I skip a couple of weeks of writing for my blog right?  The pressure of ensuring that it was posted every week or even every fortnight was suffocating me. It was ruining my ability to create, my ability to rest, surrender and therefore connect with the important people in my life.  No matter how hard I had worked that week, if I didn’t complete my to-do list, then I had failed.

Why is it that the negative sticks to our brains (like velcro) and the positive slides off like teflon?
We can accomplish all the goodness in the world, yet if we forget or fail at ONE THING, we crumble in disappointment.  I am all for positive thinking, mantras, affirmations, good vibes. But why is it that sometimes, we cling onto that which makes us unhappy, and then dwell on the unhappiness we feel, as if we expect to feel completely different after having taken the exact same steps that we’ve always taken.

For me this looks like pushing, striving, working late nights, early mornings, being VERY YANG (which isn’t attractive by the way) and of course, in my masculine a lot more than I’d care to admit. It seems that to be ‘happy’ and content, we’re willing to drop the things that make us happy and content, and rather work with and for things that make us unhappy and discontent.

Why is this?
Why do we hold onto destructive patterns which we know are’t good for us? and more than that, why do we have the ability to ‘cut-the-crap’ in some situations, & yet other times, we hold onto whatever it is that’s gnawing at us, and allow it to ruin our day, our week, month, year or even our life. Ridiculous really!

Well, It appears that a certain amount of it is biological. If you’re not hard-wired to do so through genetic pre-dispositioning, then the idea of trying to be positive and creative positive things in your life without strategies is nearby impossible. It turns out, that we need to teach ourselves ways to be positive, which then in turn emphasises growth, and in turn makes us happy.

If we have generational patterns of self-sabotage and victimhood, then of course, we will have these situations and circumstances appear in our lives ever-so frequently, because the truth is, that we attract who and what we are, AND what we think about.

So how do we turn things around?
How do we experience more positive emotions without feeling like we’re faking it?
How do we create a healthy environment for happy feelings?

Well we first and foremost start with G R A T I T U D E

This simple word is where everything starts and ultimately where it goes wrong. I bang on about gratitude so much I reckon my yoga students are bored with it’s teachings, but the thing is my friends, is that gratitude cascades down in ways unimaginable.  It has the ability to broaden your emotions, your thoughts, AND YOUR your awareness.  Showing gratitude and love to those around us uplifts our souls and our hearts.

By saying THANK YOU regularly, by being grateful, you increase your chances of some positive feedback in your life. This in turn reduces stress which in turn builds your self-confidence, & when we’re happy, we increase our resilience, which yet again increases our self confidence.

The next important thing to take notice of what is making you UNHAPPY? What is taking you away from your truth? What makes you feel stressed out? and then more importantly, why are you doing it?  

Understanding why it is that we hold on to certain situations, or destructive patterns gives us a real deep understanding of how we’re allowing those emotions to mould our lives.  We could habitually stick to a habit that we learnt from our parents, and yet we have no idea how and why we react the way we do.

The best part of this is, that once we know what these emotions are, and why they’re there, then clearing these emotions (by sitting with them and allowing them to pass through us, witnessing them as they pass), and making a conscious choice to change, allows the hurt to heal. That’s when we start living again. Once we’ve healed. The other really ace thing is that once we’ve healed, then (and only then) do we find the good in other people. When we let go of the hurt and let love come in; When we look for the joy and the positive, THE SILVER LINING we get to turn things around in a holy instant.

This is commonly known as EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.

To practise the two steps I mentioned above, I use the following essential oils and self care practises:

Gratitude Blend: doTERRA Passion Blend, Frankincense, and Wild Orange. Pop this blend on my pulse points and meditate first thing in the morning. I then journal about all the things I am grateful for.

Self-Assessment: Determine what you’re feeling, and express that through talking to a friend, drawing, colouring, writing, and or exercising. Whilst and or during this cathartic experience, you’ll come to realise what it is that has triggered you to feel these emotions. Was it a certain situation? A person? Was it something that they said? and if so, what core belief is it that you believe that this feeling or emotion comes from.

If you feel that you would like some guidance as to how to release the root cause of your problems, then please email me to express interest in the Next Emotions Mentor Course which I am hosting in Melbourne.  You’ll be placed on my VIP list and you’ll get early bird ticket options before anyone else. It’s going to be epic.

With love,

lady bits to balanec

5 Tips to Bring Your Lady Bits Back to Balance

…and by Lady Bits, I mean Hormones.

Have you ever felt like you were following someone else’s schedule rather than your own natural rhythm?

You may be letting your kids, husband, partner, or even roommates influence the flow of your day; it could also be a broader “prescribed rhythm” that you’re going with instead of actually listening to your body.

Here’s the truth: One rhythm does not work for everyone. Following someone else’s schedule more often than not has a negative effect on female hormones. If you’re dealing with chronic fatigue, low sex drive, intense premenstrual syndrome (PMS), cystic acne, mild depression, or other “random” symptoms, going against your natural rhythm might be the issue. By working to balancing your hormones, you’ll naturally begin to live in harmony with your female body instead of dragging yourself along on someone else’s agenda.

The result? You’ll start feeling more energized and vibrant than ever.


A lot of women feel like they need to keep up with other people. If you don’t feel like partying four nights a week after a 14-hour workday or exercising for two hours every single day, you might think there’s something wrong with you. You might even beat yourself up or feel ashamed and lazy. Ignoring your body’s signals and writing them off as laziness is not productive or helpful – it actually drains your energy even more.

The mental weight you put on yourself (like shame and judgment) is often more draining than a long to-do list. The female body is naturally incredibly fine-tuned. It is designed for deep relaxation and self-care at certain times of the month and linear, productive work at other times of the month.

Here are some symptoms that commonly appear when you have been pushing your body rather than honoring your limits:

1| You’re exhausted.

2| Your sex drive is nowhere to be found.

3| Your PMS is more intense than usual.

4| You’re gaining weight around the middle of your body.

5| You feel guilty, ashamed, and/or depressed – sometimes for no particular reason.

6| Cystic acne is starting to appear, especially around the jawline and chin.

If this is you, and you feel like you need some help in this department; read on to learn how to heal the body through simple methods that bring your female body back into balance.


When symptoms pop up, it’s easy to fear there might be a bigger or more complex issue going on or to feel like you’re broken and you can’t heal. The first step to healing is acknowledging that nothing is inherently wrong with you. Even if your health is not perfect right now, there’s nothing wrong with you and you’re not broken. You are whole exactly as you are. From that place of confidence in your body’s ability to heal itself, you can get curious about what’s going on for you and tap into the endless toolbox, the universal library of information that is always within.  To do this, you may want to consider meditation, contemplation, journalling, or other beautiful practises that allow you to explore your feelings, and or be the witness to what is going on for you.  Embodying the mindset that you are healthy now and you can become even healthier takes a huge weight off your shoulders and allows your body to naturally reach health. Stop focussing on what you believe to be WRONG, and focus your energy on the good things in your life. Read more about my recent post on Gratitude to understand how this all works.


Are you chronically exhausted, trying to push through the day? Maybe you’re actually tired. Starting with weekends, let yourself sleep as long as you want. You might notice that you wake up naturally without an alarm clock during the week. Some people will be healed after one long deep sleep, while others might need to take some serious time off to come back into balance. Sleep is a requirement for good health. Listen to your body and sleep when you’re tired.  Even short power-naps are a juicy way to re-energise the body.  Pop a diffuser on with some calming Essential oils, like, Lavender, Pettitgrain or even LemonGrass and Cedarwood, and let the aromatic compounds calm the nervous system for some down time.


Most modern people spend the majority of their lives in the sympathetic nervous system state, aka the fight or flight, stranger-danger zone: that feeling you get when someone creeps up behind you and surprises you – or, perhaps less likely, when you’re getting chased by a bear. Here’s the thing: Your body doesn’t know the difference between those literal stressors and chronic work-related stress, or stress that stems from difficult relationships. When your body is in this sympathetic state, it can’t repair. When you are relaxed and calm, your body is in the parasympathetic state – referred to as the “rest and digest” system. This state is brought on by sleep, laughing, meditation, qigong, reiki, and even intimacy like cuddling and sex. Your body has to be in the parasympathetic state to heal and evolve. The more you can activate your parasympathetic nervous system by relaxing and having more fun, the healthier you’ll be – physically and mentally.


It might surprise you, but sometimes the harder you work out, the more stress you actually put on your body. Depending on your constitution and condition, you may actually need gentle exercise, like yoga or tai chi. Certain forms of rigorous exercise trigger the stress response, so make sure you balance your hard-core workouts with practices that are more gentle on the body. Gentle practices might include yoga, meditation, or dance. You might even discover that you want to do only these more gentle practices. Experiment for a few weeks and see how your body responds.


Community has a powerful influence on personal health, and developing a community of people to support you is crucial to balancing your hormones. When you feel alone and isolated, you’re more likely to overeat, feel depressed, and lack love and connection in your life. Humans are meant to live in communities – it’s natural and necessary. Reach out to three people this week who you’d like to deepen your relationship with and notice how it impacts your energy and physical health over the next few months.

If you’re stoke that you read this post, and you want to delve into this subject a bit more, then please join me for a workshop on Sunday the 9th April at 11am in Port Melbourne.  Click here to reserve your spot. Tickets are FREE (I know, it’s ludicrous right?!) but seats are limited so get in quick if you can attend,  

If you’re not able to attend because of geographic limitations, then please pop your name on this list – The Healthy Humans List, and I’ll send you some information on when next I’m running a webinar on the subject, and you can join in on the fun then,

Please share this post with women who you feel would benefit from these 5 tips, After all, it’s all about sisterhood, love and sharing the message that it’s ok to beat the drum to your own rhythm. It’s ok to be your own person.  It’s ok, no, IT’S ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for you to show up in the world EXACTLY as you are NOW. You have a divine gift and by not being true to yourself, but not expressing your hearts passion, by not accessing the gifts that you’ve been given, you’re doing (not only the world at large) but yourself a disservice.

Let’s create a movement in the world where we start to honour the body, and it’s limits. Who’s with me?


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Together We Stand

The Science Of Happiness; and 4 Things You Can Start Doing Today!

Do you wish you were happier?

Wish that there was something that you could do to generate some true and everlasting happiness? Well look no further my friends, because I’, about to tell you  4 uber-cool ways to get turn your frown upside-down.

After having read ‘Thank and Grow Rich’, a book written by Pamela Grout, (more links to my fave books here) last year, I’ve experienced the benefits of practicing Gratitude first hand.

I’ve found that even when you think you don’t have it all, by simply focusing on what you have today, you’ll make space for a positive mindset, and you’ll actually be happier. Yes, you read right. It’ll MAKE YOU HAPPIER.

Watch this video to get the gist of what I’m saying:

Now that you’ve watched this really cool lab-guy in a white coat explain how the art of gratitude can make you happier, think about this:   The average person has an estimated 70,000 thoughts per day! (That’s crazy right?)

Now take a moment to think about the thoughts that run through your mind. Are they positive and uplifting? “Today is going to be an amazing day!” Or negative and self-defeating? “I don’t have the energy to get through today.”

Positive and grateful thoughts boost your mood, spirit, and tend to generate even more positivity and happiness in your life. Conversely, negative thoughts can create a domino effect of destructive energy. Falling into a spiral of negativity tremendously affects how you live your life and how others perceive you. Thankfully, you don’t have to accept the negative internal chatter. Choose to switch to a happier perception and reach for better thoughts. It takes a little practice, but soon enough, your mind will gravitate to the brighter side of life. Practice cultivating a positive, grateful mindset with these tips.

As Abraham Hicks say in their book – ask and it is given,’ We are often asked, Isn‘t love a better word than appreciation? Isn‘t love more descriptive of the Non- Physical Energy? And we say that love and appreciation are really the same vibration. Some use the word gratitude, or a feeling of thankfulness, but all of these words are descriptive of Well-Being. A desire to appreciate is a very good first step, and then as you find more things that you would like to say “Thank you” about, it quickly gains momentum. And as you want to feel appreciation, you attract something to appreciate. And as you appreciate it, then you attract something else to appreciate, until, in time, you are experiencing a Rampage of Appreciation.’

So what does it actually mean to MAKE SPACE FOR GRATITUDE? and what do I define as being grateful?  I think that the simple act of being aware and thankful of the good things that happen (and even the not-so-good things, as these are the ones that actually provide us with a silver lining of greatness to be grateful for) ; & taking time to express thanks.

Here are some ways I like to cultivate gratitude on a regular basis.

  1. I keep a gratitude journal and each day write down FIVE thoughts (and or more) that I’m grateful for.  I do this first thing in the morning, EVERY MORNING.  Whether i have 5 minutes or 15 minutes, expressing gratitude for me is a daily ritual.  I recently read that writing in a gratitude journal improves sleep, according to a 2011 study published in Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being, simply spending just 15 minutes jotting down a few grateful sentiments before bed, and you may sleep better and longer. (i’m going to start this tonight). I received this Wedding Journal as a gift for our engagement, but because I’m not the sorta gal to plan everything to a tee, I didn’t really use it, so I’m modifying the content.  
  2. When you want to express your gratitude to a friend or family member, Write a thank-you note, or even just send a text. You can make yourself happier and nurture your relationship with another person by writing to them, expressing your enjoyment and appreciation of that person’s impact on your life. Send it, or better yet, deliver a hand-written letter and read it in person if possible. Make a habit of sending at least one gratitude letter/ text a month.
  3. Thank someone mentally.  It may help just to think about someone who has done something nice for you, and mentally thank the individual.  With every thought you think, every emotion you feel, you’re acting as an epigenetic engineer of your own cells. YOU control your destiny. If you continue to focus on the things that you’re most grateful for, those things will continue to appear in your life. You will begin to change the neurological circuitry of your brain, and begin to think from that new level of mind.  Pretty incredible right?!
  4. Meditate!  This is BIG ONE!! People who are disciplined to meditate daily can use meditation to cultivate gratitude.  You can also use a technique called mindfulness meditation, which involves focusing on the present moment without judgment. Although people often focus on a word or phrase (such as “peace”), it is also possible to focus on what you’re grateful for (the warmth of the sun, a pleasant sound, etc.).

Gratitude may be one of the most overlooked tools that we all have access to every day. Cultivating gratitude doesn’t cost any money and it certainly doesn’t take much time, but the benefits are enormous.

We all have the ability and opportunity to cultivate gratitude. Simply take a few moments to focus on all that you have – rather than complain about all the things you think you deserve. Developing an “attitude of gratitude” is one of the simplest ways to improve your satisfaction with life.

(ps . this is not the first post I’ve written about gratitude – see another by clicking here)

Your vibrational shift is the BIGGEST gift you can give anyone

Having come back just over a week ago from TheNewWayLive (TNWL) I have felt an overwhelming vibrational shift in the way I feel about life, love, business, joy, friendships, and money. (so basically everything in life right!?)

It wasn’t even that the shift happened all at once, it gradually crept into my psyche and nested it’s way to my heart – where it has now taken up residence in the core of my Being.  What a crazy week it has been and I am so happy to be back hOMe (and I mean that figuratively) so that I can share this with you.

I’m so incredibly excited to share this with you guys because not only do I seriously want you (yes you!) to experience this shift too but I want you to be open to the possibilities that this shift will bring into your own life.

So in light of these Limiting Beliefs that I have discovered within, and because I am so friggen passionate about creating an abundant life for myself and those around me, I realised that it was uber-important for me to re-write my money story.  I realised that I needed to leap out of my own way (not just step), to tap into my service mentality, instead of being all about M,  and what I want, and what I get out of ‘it’ – be in a place of what I can DO for others in this world.

I was constantly reminded at TNWL to Stop missing the point guys!  to start to exploring my own feelings around money, and focus on being of service, because I promise you, creating this magnanimous vision, inviting people into that vision, and moving towards a conscious way of Being is going to expand my soul in ways that are unimaginable.

I wrote a blog post recently about setting intentions before you do ANYTHING and it’s no different with this topic too.  So, I have written a letter to my dear friend, Money (or as I so like to call her – Monifah).

I wanted to share and declare my money story with you.  Please feel free to comment or share this post with someone who you feel would benefit from the drudgery they are living because of their money-story.  Rewrite your own money story!  get-it-done

Big Kiss xx


Dear Money,

Is it alright if I create a nickname for you babe? Something like Monifah?

I’ll take your silence as a ‘hell yea, that’s alright’, and proceed with my love letter of gratitude and appreciation for you.

Ahem… <clears throat>

Dearest Monifah,

Oh my goodness you and I babe have come so bloody far. 

You’ve always known what I’ve needed and when I’ve needed It & like an angel (right on cue), you appear out of no-where to show me a good time, and to teach me uber-important lessons in life.

I am sorry that it’s taken me so damn long to say thank you, and to let you know that I love and appreciate you more than you can ever imagine.

I want you to know that I’ve recently become aware how, when I stress about you, or worry that you won’t come back to me, when I ‘helicopter’ over you like a crazy, smothering parent, that you feel intimidated and suffocated.

So I wanted to make a promise to you, that I’ll be confident in our relationship no matter what. Even though I have an idea of where I want you to go, I completely understand that you have your own agenda, which is for the betterment of all on earth. I am so honoured that you’ve chosen me to be the conduit for your mission. Thank you for having faith in me and trusting me to make a difference. 

I’m sorry for buying into negative-money dogma, and for standing by when my friends and family have spoken shit about you. I’m graciously aware of the endless possibilities that you’ve already given me, and the ones that you’re yet to gift me so that we can make the impact on the world that you so greatly wish us to do. 

I’ve been chatting a lot with Andre (my husby) about this recently. About our purpose and how you and I babe, are going to change the lives of so many people.

These conversations have been rocking the earth beneath us, as we start to (finally) make better ‘happy-earth’ decisions about where we distribute you, about how we share you, and where in our lives we want you to grow and what to focus on. I’m sorry it’s taken us so long to get here, and I’m super grateful that you’ve stuck around patiently waiting for us to ‘get with the program’. 

I friggen love you man! And I know you love me too! Your dedication and generosity proves your commitment to my growth, and I know that we’re unshakeable. You see Monifah my darling, I respect you, and I know your power.  In turn, you trust me, & you always, without fail, you deliver!

It’s December 2016, & you’re flowing into my life freely and in abundance and we start to reap the rewards that you have so graciously bestowed upon us.

As 2017 rolls on we experience the biggest sustainable financial climb of our lives. We begin to invest in beautiful and nurturing practises for the planet, and make smart and intelligent choices.  We have attracted high vibing counsel who align with our core beliefs. We trust that our constantly rising energy has attracted Divine Beings into our lives, so that we invest the energetic flow of money for the good of all.  I can feel how excited you are to do this babe!

You know that I have a deep set passion for helping the our world, and I’m so stoked that you and I get to work on these projects and missions together. Thank you for paving a highway to me, and for helping us in pursuing our dreams.

You’re fricken incredible and I’m so sorry that people take you for granted. I promise you babe that you’re safe with me. I welcome you with open arms into my life. Let’s change the lives of all those who are a part of my business, so that they too may experience your love and abundance.  I am so unbelievably financially abundant! And I can’t wait for your presence to shower our lives even more than it already has. I am so super excited about your presence! Monifa, You’re one sexy beast!

Thank you for all that you’ve given to me and my family, so that we can experience life to the full. Thank you for the lessons you have taught us, and for the ones you are yet to teach us. 

I thank you for gifting me the finances to be able to achieve a new way of living, one that is conscious and great, and infectiously sublime.

Thank you for making it possible for me to continuously invest in my future, and in my growth. Thank you for also gifting me rad opportunities to travel, for both business and leisure. The opportunity to attend seminars & audacious events. The ability to participate in programs that facilitate my and my team’s growth is something that, as you know, I value more than anything in the world.

May I be an instrument in developing my team and those around them too, so that we may all bask in the glory of your love and support.  Thank you for giving me the confidence and the space to grow so that I may attract those who want freedom and prosperity in their lives. 

Thank you for flowing freely though my business and for giving me the courage to say YES to those things that help me expand energetically.  You’re so trusting and aligned with what I stand for.  You won’t regret it. I promise to constantly and consistently move forward in your light, and commit to sharing a message of love and one-ness.  I promise to look for joy in everything and everyone.   diamond

I am so grateful and honoured that you’re walking this journey with me,

Please come more often and in bigger sums (pleasies) so that I may continue to live an abundant and full life, full of joy, excitement, presence, and happiness. Thank you for giving us the gift of your presence (and presents), and I promise you babe, I will NEVER take you for granted.

With all my love, Ari x


“You have within you more love than you could ever understand” ~ Rumi



The information provided above is not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, treat, cure or prevent any disease or ailment. I am not a health professional. Essential oils are essentially classed as a food/cosmetic and not a drug. Essential oils can help support a healthy immune system and calm us and lift us up.


How ‘TRUSTING’ Rewarded Me The Life Of My Dreams!

So by now you know that I am all about discovering and playing around with this innate knowledge and belief that there is an Energy Force around us, supporting us and guiding us on our journey through life.

It’s not that anyone has shown this energy to me in its physical form, I just KNOW and TRUST that it’s there. I mean, countless times in my life, I have made decisions based on gut feeling, and my gorgeous ‘gut’ never fails me. Admittedly, there were time that this concept of ‘trusting’ wasn’t something that came easy for me.  The more I grew up, the more I realised that I had this inner faith, an inner voice, an energy field, protecting me and showing me what to do and what to say, how to act in certain situations, and whether to react to circumstances in my life.

I realised that through my early 20’s, I allowed circumstances to get in the way of my hearing and listening to my ‘gut’, and things in my life started to go in all directions that I knew, were NOT GOOD FOR ME. I could feel my life downward spiralling, and those that were close to me, were I’m sure, quite afraid for me as I didn’t have any direction, and was just meandering through the days, looking for any highs or fixes that would that cure satiate my thirst for thrills.

So, I started to listen to that voice again. Goodness knows how, but it happened. It was as if I woke up one morning, and considering my actions of late, I’d gone completely mad! CRAZY!

My actions at the time were erratic to some, and even though I can’t say I was fully understanding at the time, I was committed and head-strong to complete the tasks ahead.  I call them ‘tasks’ because at the time, they most certainly were.

If I had to think back, I realise now that I entered into a conversation with my inner voice (now I’m sure you think that i’m crazy right?).  I managed to weasel my way out of countless situations which weren’t serving my highest purpose, and started to head down the path that has lead me to the amazing truth that I am in today.

So when I say, I started to get into a conversation with that voice, what exactly do I mean?

Numero Uno:

I got really clear about what I wanted in my life. Of course it started with what I didn’t want in my life, and at the time, partying and living life aimlessly was definitely something that I DID NOT want.  So, I started to get clear on what I did want.  Some call it prayer, some call it manifesting. Call it what you want, but that’s what I did.  I began the practise of setting intentions.  I first learnt how to do this on my yoga mat, and I experienced this when my yoga-instructor used to offer us a time before practise to set an intention for the next hour or even for the next day, for whatever we wanted in our lives.  She would always explain that we were to set our intention to imply as if it had already taken place, and to practise gratitude for it having already happened.

As time progressed, (and I’m talking a few years here) I started offering my intentions to a higher power – a power that was and still is greater than me. I now believe that I should have started offering this up a lot sooner, but this is how it played in my life. Se la vie.

Setting intentions is a beautiful practise that I continue to do daily. The mood that I infuse into my daily intentions is one of gratitude rather than need.  I feel like ‘needing’ something is a sign of desperation.  Coming from a place of total belief and trust that what I intend to happen is for the greater good, and not just for my selfish needs, also ensures that the energy behind my intention is that of love and compassion both for myself and for others.

An Example of these intentions or manifestations would look something like this:

When I’m trying to decide on something, I ask ‘Show me what to do where to go.  Thank you for revealing to me what it is that I need to know’

Make sense?

I also stopped setting intentions only for myself, and quite often offer up a yoga or meditation practise for others.  This has transformed my life – truly !  How? it’s placed a stop on always having to control outcomes. Being in a place of service and surrender is so much softer than ‘needing’ and ‘wanting’ and fearing the outcome if it doesn’t go my way. I learnt to surrender through prayer /or meditation, which just spiralled more gratitude for my inner guidance.  Does that makes sense?  You’ve often heard me say, ‘I go first, the universe goes second’.  I have to put myself out there FIRST, before I get good things come my way.

You KNOW when you’re aligned, right? You can FEEL it. In every bone of your body and in the ENERGY within your body. 

I like to call it the ‘zhooozsh’ feeling that runs up my spine. 

Grounded. Certain. Electric. On fire. 

THAT is the feeling of alignment for me. 

Seek more of THAT. 

Numero Dos:

The next part for me is to listen for what comes up through meditation.   When we are still, when we are energetically serene, when we are at peace, we allow the voice of love to move through us. When I listen to my intuition and inner guidance, I make a conscious effort to get out of my own way. A simple example in my life right now, is of slowing down when I’ve been going a million miles per hour. My mind is saying, “You’re on a roll Ari, don’t stop now! You’re going to miss out – FOMO!!’ ARRRGH!

What my intuition and inner Guidance is telling me, is to ‘slow down babe, chill and relax a bit. Give yourself space to recoup and recharge.’  I am sure you can relate to this right? I can’t possibly be the only one who experiences this?  I realise that the time I am given to be on my own to consider my own wants and desires, really leads me to a state of peace. I create space for myself to journal for ideas and to be in the stillness to witness and hear what comes up for me.

I dare you to try this! Experience being ‘the Witness’ in your own life – Allow the unfolding of a conversation and let it become a dialogue in your daily life.  ALLOW, WITNESS, WONDER.

Trust that what is coming for you is in the Divine Order of what you’re asking for and what you are grateful for.

Clear the voice of fear and judgement and come to the voice of life.

The outcome?  A Magnificent world which you could never imagine exists becomes reality. A world of support and freedom is available to you.  Be in conversation with the universe.  Deepen your conversation with your inner self and move beyond the judgement of whatever it is that is clocking (cock-blocking) your way.

Trust in the practice and enjoy it. I use Essential Oils DAILY to help and assist me to ‘tune in’.  I find that the smell of certain oils and blends, take me straight to a state of being, and I can’t imagine my life without my little Roll-on or Spritzer; or my Diffuser next to My Meditation Pillow.

I use these Essential Oils to nurture the trust I have with the Universe, with my inner Guidance.

  1.  Myrrh – When the soul has lost the ability to trust, feelings of trust are replaced by feelings of fear and a belief that the world is unsafe.  Myrrh assists in letting go of fear and rekindles trust within the soul.  As you learn to live in trust, confidence in the goodness of life returns and the soul feels more safe  and at home.
  2. Reassuring Blend – Lavender; Ylang Ylang; Frankincense; Clary Sage – Amongst other things, this blend invites us to trust in Divine goodness and grace. It affirms that no amount of control or effort can fill the empty soul.  It reminds us that only through connecting to the Divine, will we cultivate lasting peace. 1A3A4742

If you would like more information about the Essential Oil Brand I stand behind, and would love to get your hands on these little treasures, pl contact me by clicking here.

The Blog Post Picture was taken on our wedding day. It is my Engagement Ring / Bracelet, which was given to me by the Love of My life, when he asked me to marry him. Having had the courage to follow my gut, and trust my intuition, I now live a life abundant with love, and everything a gal could ask for.

I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you if you’ve had any experiences in your life, whereby you just ‘trusted the process’ and it’s lead you to an Incredible Outcome.

Post your comments below.

join-my-list The information provided above is not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, treat, cure or prevent any disease or ailment. I am not a health professional. Essential oils are essentially classed as a food/cosmetic and not a drug. Essential oils can help support a healthy immune system and calm us and lift us up.


Fallen In a Funk?….Try these 5 ways this to get out of it.

You’re in a funk!  Do you even know you’re in a funk?  What the hell is a funk?  Well, have do you ever feel stuck?  I mean, like you’re not moving.  Not forward figuratively, and then also perhaps physically.  Even your words sound flat, empty & disconnected.  You’re not so much depressed, but you’re discouraged?  Something feels ‘off’, and you just can’t put your finger on it.

Well, if you feel any or all of the above, today is your lucky day!  Grab a cuppa Indian Chai Tea and listen up.

These tips are a sure way to get out of that Nasty Funk.

1. Recognise Why;

Take responsibility of the reasons why you may be feeling this way. Sometimes a bit of self reflection is required.  And whilst it may the last thing you want do, you’ve got to understand why.  Once that task has been completed, and you have an inkling of what’s getting you down, then you’ve got to Own it! Be unapologetic and vulnerable in this feeling or sensation AND the reasons as to why you’re feeling the way you do.  Meditation is a great tool for getting out of your own head so that you can step back and take a genuine look to see what the reason is for your funk.

2.  It’s OK; 

Know that it’s OK to feel ‘off’ sometimes.  No-one expects you to be ‘on’ all the time, so cut yourself some slack.  Try to make things easier for yourself and shift into cruise control. Fly under the radar and only do work that you find easy.  By surrendering to ‘what is’, and saying YES to the present moment you may find yourself in the perfect place to practise gratitude and self-care. Too much thought can be unnecessary, not to mention exhausting, so, Stop the Hamster-Wheel!

“What could be more futile, more insane, than to create inner resistance to what already is?” – Ekhart Tolle

3.  Be of Service to Someone; 

Get out into the world.  Have a face-to-face connection and seek the presence of people you love, and people who inspire you. Buddy-up with someone and connect with people who appreciate you.  Have you ever noticed how good you feel when you’re doing something nice for someone?  Bake a cake, sing a song, write a nice message or do all three if you feel like it, but the mere fact that you’re giving back, will make you feel like a million bucks, with the added bonus extra of making the recipient feels special and loved.

4.  Set Goals; 

Incentivise yourself and take one step at a time.  Choose something that you may be struggling with, or something that you’ve wanted to try or do, and DO IT.  Stop pussy-footing around, making excuses and or neglecting your heart and souls longing.  It can be something that’s not even result driven, like Meditating for minutes per day.  The mere action of taking a seat to calm the thoughts in your hamster-wheel head, will give you the sense of gifting time for yourself, which in itself is pretty powerful stuff.  If you’re someone who loves seeing results, then maybe setup a new exercise regime. Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good and happy.  Buddying-up with someone and finding the time to exercise is a fool-proof way to leaving your funk behind.

5. Try something new; 

…like journaling!  (or mediating.  Ps. I bang on about this ALL THE TIME, and am completely unapologetic about it too).  Journaling will help slow down your thoughts, and keeps you honest to recognise and identify patterns (over time).  It most certainly keeps me focussed, and provides a judgement-free space to harness the healing power of words.

Now go forth and spread your love into the world. Leave your funk behind!

If you’ve ever been in a funk, leave some comments below to help and inspire your fellow humans.